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  • Monday, 30 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2018 Written Update "Raman's Gift to Ishita for Naamkaran Ceremony"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2018 Written Update

     "Raman's Gift to Ishita for Naamkaran Ceremony”.

    Iyers prepare for the naming ceremony of the baby. Madhavi plans to prepare Coconut laddoo.

     As they are meant to be a good omen. Santoshi and Ruhi arrive there to help them. Madhavi tells Santoshi about her idea to give laddoo in a box of gifts. Santoshi asks Madhavi about the gifts. Pihu and Ishita too came there with the personalized gifts prepared by them overnight. Ladies of Both families start making laddoo.
    A drummer woman arrives there. Santoshi felt surprised to see that and appreciated Madhavi for calling them. Madhavi replies that they are living together for many years. 

    YHM Written Update 30th July 2018

    Didn't she know her choice? And Dholak makes the occasion lustful. And they start singing and dancing. Simmi saw the scene and felt jealous. She went to her room. Param asks her why is she so irritated. Simmi asks him if they can't leave this house and go somewhere else. She can't live with these people as she hates them. Param asks her what happened.. what's the matter. She expressed her anger at being not invited to the baby's function. Param asks her if that's the real matter. Simmi replies that it's not the real matter. Actually, she is scared of the reality of Tanya's murder will be revealed. They must leave this house as soon as possible.


     Param persuades Simmi to act normal and asked her to go out for breakfast. But she denied.

    Param propitiates Simmi to stay at Bhalla house with an excuse of taking revenge for the daughter's death. Simmi agreed to stay and said that she will not give up so easily but stay strong to take their revenge from Raman and Ishita. Param thinks in his mind that how can he go... Raman is his ATM... And by using her as his pawn he can make his works.

    Raman gives Ishita dresses for Roshni and the baby to wear in the naming ceremony. Ishita takes them to Roshni's room. She saw Roshni and Mihka sitting there. Mihka was pampering the baby. Roshni asks Mihka how she knows this much about kids.  She replies that she may not have her own kids but she cradled all kids of their family.
    Ishita got emotional and went to Raman's room. Raman saw her crying and asked her what happened to her. He asks her if Roshni didn't like the clothes. Ishita keeps on crying. Raman is continuously asking her the reason... What happened ??? Ishita suddenly says that happened this that she needed his attention.

    Raman asks her if she is mad? why was she crying? Ishita tells him that he was so busy with his work so she did this drama to get his attention. She knew if she didn't act like this he will not listen to her. And tells him that as she went to Roshni's room she couldn't go inside. Raman asks her why? She tells him because Mihka was there. She was handling the baby with much care... Mihka can't have her own baby but that affection is still in her. She says that she is really happy. This baby bought their happiness back. Mihka too got a chance to show her affection. Raman says not only Mihka every woman in this world must get this opportunity. As the feeling of being a mother is really much special. Raman says he must credit to Ishita for this and he bought a gift for her... But that's a surprise.

    Ishita goes to Iyer's house to help them. She saw a red saree and asked Madhavi if that was Alia's wedding saree. Madhavi told her that it's a tradition to tie wedding saree of baby's mother with baby hammock and swing. As it's a good omen.

    Santoshi asks them what mother-daughter are whispering. Ishita replies nothing Madhavi is adding her south-Indian tadka in Punjabi chole... Mihka says to Ishita that she was a looking good today. Ishita told them that Raman bought the saree for her. Mihka asks everyone to come together as she needs to click a family photo. Because Romi told her that he needs each and every pic of the whole function.
    Ishita goes to light the lamp. Raman saw her there. And asked her why she came out before him. As he wanted to see how's she looking. Raman says that an outstanding it's his choice and if the one wearing is too beautiful it's like icing on the cake. Ishita says that she knew... If she may come ahead of him he will talk cheesy that's why she came from behind him. As she feels shy... Raman says why she need to feel shy about her husband. Ishita remembered him that guests are about to come and asked him to help her to light the candles.
    Roshni comes to Iyer's house with the baby.  Santoshi lays him down into the hammock. Kiran tells Madhavi that Panditji said that puja will begin in some time. They think why didn't any guest arrive yet.
    Param asks Simmi to join the baby's naming ceremony. Initially, she denied but later Param convinced her.
    Mani and Shagun arrived there. Panditji told them that muhrat has begun and asked them whether to start it or wait for the guests. Mr.Goyal the secretary of their society arrives there and told them that none from their society is coming to the ceremony as they think that approving this illegitimate child may give a bad lesson to their children. Ishita and Raman ask them to leave as they called them to bless the baby not to state it as illegitimate.

    Precap: Iyers and Bhallas enjoy the function. Roshni found missing from the home.

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