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  • Friday, 27 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2018 Written Update "ISHRA Hug Raman-Ishita Together Again "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2018 Written Update 
    "Ishra Hug Raman-Ishita Together Again "

    Raman and Ishita com out after meeting the baby. Santoshi asks him about the baby. And Raman tells her that the baby started crying as he was about to take him on his lap. Santoshi remembered him that Kartik too cried the first time Raman was taking him in his lap. Ishita tells them that the baby is very lovely. Santoshi says he must be after all he is the child of Bhalla family.

    YHM Written Update "Raman-Ishita's HUG

    An inspector calls Raman and asks them to reach Police station. Raman and Ishita go there. Inspector tells them that the person who attacked Roshni was named as Raghav Dayal and we got his address from. the company in which he worked. We went there and met his wife. She started crying and gave an amount of ₹17 Lakhs to them and said they don't the money which took his husband's life. And she told us that on the day of Tanya's death Raghav told her all the reality. Raman asked with astonishment What? Ishita asks him to explain to them the whole matter. Inspector said that Raghav's wife told them the real incident that happened during Tanya's death. 

    Raghav went to meet Tanya and said looking at the fan that she knows why he came there. He asked Tanya if she wrote the suicide note. But Tanya said she didn't. So Raghav asked her to write. Tanya took paper and pen and started writing. Meanwhile, Raghav prepared to set up for fake suicide. As Tanya completed her note Raghav took it from her and kept it on the table. He showed the noose to Tanya and told her that she will hang on it but not get choked. The doorbell rang. Raghav asked Tanya if she called someone. 

    She said she didn't. Raghav asked her to watch who is on the door. Tanya opened the door and a man handed her 15 Lakhs. Raghav listened about the money and his greed induced him to murder Tanya. He killed her and hung her to show it as a suicide case.
    Ishita asks that mean someone gave money to Raghav for planning fake suicide for Tanya. Raman asks the inspector if he is sure about the incident he told them. Inspector replies he is and told him about the evidence they got. and told Raman now he is fully released and it's clear that someone is trying to trap him. And asks if he has doubt on someone. Ishita wanted to suggest Simmi and Param' s name but Raman simply said that he has no doubts on anyone.
    Raman and Ishita came out. Ishita asked Raman why didn't he gave any name to the inspector. Raman replied that because they don't have any proof. And again said that Simmi is his sister who's being cajoled by Param. And if they would take Param's name he would involve Simmi into it. He doesn't want to spoil such a special day. And he wants to celebrate it freely with his family.
    Two days later... whole Bhalla family is preparing for a warm welcome for the baby. Simmi felt jealous to see them all happy. Param asked her to not to create any problem this time. Simmi stated Param responsible for her evil deeds as he spoiled her mind.

     Alia, Roshni, and the baby reach home.

    PRECAP :

    Naamkaran ceremony Some Social worker come to Stop

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