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  • Thursday, 26 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita Pray Together Baby-Roshini Both are Safe"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Raman-Ishita Pray Together Baby-Roshini Both are Safe"

    The episode starts with Madhvi praying for safety of Roshni and her baby. Pihu arrives there and asks her if Roshni and her baby are fine? Madhavi tells her that they are good and asks why is she asking. Pihu replies that Alia told her that Roshni has been taken to hospital. 

    YHM Written Update 26th July 2018

    Alia too reaches there and asks Pihu to have her meal. Pihu replies that she will but before that she need to know if Roshni is fine. Madhavi tells her that Roshni is absolutely fine. Ishita Raman her Daadi and Daadu are taking her care. She says that baby is too excited to meet Pihu that's why he is coming early.
    Santoshi asks Mr.Bhalla what should they do? He replies that even he can't understand. 

    Ishita asks them what they need to understand. They must save both.. Roshni and the baby. They can't choose anyone. Santoshi remembered her that doctor said that they can save only one from them. So she asks Ishita to save Adi's baby.
    Alia brings the goods they bought for the baby. But Pihu notice the plastic bags and told her that plastic bags are dangerous for their planet and harms a lot. She says that they must not use any plastic substance. Madhavi and Alia accept their mistake and promised not to use plastic again.

    Mr.bhalla asks Santoshi how can they forget Roshni. The baby is important to them but Roshni is too. They can't be so selfish. Raman says that they  will save both... Roshni and the baby... both are important for them. 
    Doctor tells Ishita and Raman that Roshni wants to talk to them. Raman and Ishita rushed towards her. Roshni says that she want to talk something important to them so let her speak. She said she know they care for her but requests them to save their baby. Ishita asks her to stop talking such things and put on the oxygen mask. Roshni again said that he is Adi's baby... Ther heir of Bhalla family.. and requests them to save her baby. Raman says they will save both of them...her and the baby... Roshni asks Ishita to promise that she will save her baby. Ruhi too came inside with  Mata Rani's chunari in her hand and asks Ishita to tie it. Ishita asks Roshni to stay strong as they will save the baby and her... And they will return home together. Roshni's condition became worse. Doctor sends them outside.
    Ishita goes to pray for safety of Roshni and the baby. She saw an extinguished lamp and lights it. She remembers the incident of Adi's death and requests got to not to punish Roshni and the baby for her mistake. She joins her hands and requests to save Roshni and her baby. She saw the lamp's light trembling and moves her hand ahead to prevent it from extinguishing. Raman too raised his hand to help her. And requested god to save Roshni and the baby. Doctors are still operating Roshni....

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Updates

    Raman and Ishita gained some hope. The doctor comes out from OT and congratulates them as Roshni gave birth to a boy and Roshni is also fine... Everyone took a sigh of relief. A wave of happiness swept over them.
    Everyone at Bhalla family is happy. Raman distributes sweets in the hospital and thanked the doctor. Mr.bhalla told Mihka that  Raman distributed sweets with the same happiness when Adi was born and he saw him so happy after decades. Raman asks Mihka where is Ishita. Mihka tells him that she has gone to temple. Raman comments that one day god themselves may feed up from her. Mihka leaves to decorate Roshni's room.
    Ishita thanks God for saving Roshni and the baby. Raman handed box of sweets to her. Ishita saw an envelope in Raman's hands and asked him what is it. Raman told her that there is a lady who doesn't have money but she wants her baby to come to this's for her... Ishita appreciates him. Ruhi arrived there and told them that doctor had permitted to see the baby. Raman and Ishita went to see the baby. Roshni was sleeping. Ishita saw the baby. Roshni wakes up and saw Ishita pampering the baby. Roshni asks her who is he on?? Ishita replies that he exactly looks like her. Ishita thanked Roshni as she returned them their Adi back. Raman takes pictures of Roshni Ishita and the baby. A nurse comes inside and asked them to go out. Ishita asks Roshni to call her if she needs anything as she is there for her and the baby. Roshni thinks that she knows...and she too wants Ishita to take care of her baby when she will not be with him.

    PRECAP :

    Roshni Gives Baby to Aliya By Excuse that She has Having Pain.Mrs Bhalla Does the Arti and Invites the New Baby at Home.Ishita Looks at Roshni.

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