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  • Wednesday, 25 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2018 Written Update "Roshni at Labour Room Ishita to take Tough Decision"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Roshni at Labour Room Ishita to take Tough Decision".

    Madhvi applies bandages to Mr.Iyer's injuries. She asks him to rest and she is coming within a moment. Mr.Iyer asks her to stay with him. Madhavi says she doesn't have time as she has to cook food.
    So Mr.Iyer made different attempts to keep her with him. He calls her and asks her for water. 

    YHM 25th July 2018 Written Update

    She gives him water and says he could do it himself. She went back to the dining table. As she sits Mr.Iyer again calls her and says he is feeling cold so bring the blanket for him. Madhavi puts the blanket over him and goes towards the kitchen. Mr.Iyer again calls her and says that he bothers her a lot. Madhavi replies he doesn't and goes to the dining table. He again calls her and says that the blanket is removed please correct it. Madhavi again puts the blanket and asks if he needs something else. And goes back to the dining table. 

    Mr.Iyer again calls her. This time she gets irritated and says what he needs now.? She asks him to tell whatever he need her to do and she will complete all the tasks now. As Mr.Iyer didn't get any excuse he said that he called her because she works a lot. He thought to rest. He says he will not call her again. Madhavi says if he will she will not come this time. Ishita and Raman arrived there. Ishita tells them that police gave relief to Raman in Tanya's case. 

    Mr. Iyer and Madhavi felt good to listen to the news. Raman says that it's because if their trust over him. Mr.Iyer asks Ishita who could be the real culprit of Tanya's death. Ishita looked at Raman and said she has doubts on Param and Simmi.
    Param and Simmi listen to the news that Tanya's death has been proved as a murder did by someone else. Authorities have taken back all the accusations from Raman. The news disturbed them. Param blames Simmi for the mishappening. Simmi pits over the blame for Raghav. Param receives a call from Raghav. He asks him where he is? He warned them to save him otherwise he will confess their names in front of police. Param asks him why he killed Tanya and spoiled his plan. And why should they help him now? Raghav replies if they will not he will tell the reality to police. Simmi asks him to threaten someone else and not to call them again. Simmi cuts the call. This made Raghav angrier. Simmi asks Param not to attend Raghav' s calls. They don't need to get involved in this matter. Param asks her to let him handle the matter and calls Raghav. But as Raghav left the PCO Param couldn't talk to him. Simmi asks him what can they do now. Param says that they can only wait for his call.
    Roshni ate too much so she decides to go for a walk. Mihka asks to accompany her but she says she will return within 2 minutes.
    Param again receives a call from Raghav. He told him that he is near them and will tell the reality to their family. Param asks him what he wants? Raghav asked him to pull him out of the matter. Simmi saw him through the window and showed to Param too. Param asks him to give him 2 minutes and he will tell him what to do. Simmi and Param are highly worried. Param asks Simmi to bring The 10 Lakh cash he gave to her. Using the money Raghav can go out from Delhi. Simmi asks him will he agree at 10. Lakh Param replies he doesn't care he will or not at this time if Raman and Ishita may catch him it could be dangerous for them. Simmi goes to bring the money.

    Roshni saw Raghav and suspected him to be a thief. She followed him upstairs. Roshni saw Raghav taking out his gun. Roshni took a wiper and sneakily followed Raghav. Raghav saw her and attacked her. Roshni shouts for help. Mihka and Ruhi heard her voice and went to look for her. Simmi and Param suspects that may be Roshni saw Raghav that's why she is shouting. Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita too heard her voice and came down.

    Raghav points the gun towards Roshni and asks her to stay silent. Raman and Nahla shout at Raghav. He got frightened and ran from there. Ishita Ruhi Mihka and Bahla went to take care of Roshni. Ishita asks Bahla to take out the car to take Roshni hospital. Raman followed Raghav and tried to catch him. But Raghav met an accident and bump into a truck.
    Roshni had an extreme pain and she was taken to the hospital. Ishita asks her to keep the faith. Nothing will happen to her. She asks her to breathe in and out. Roshni asks Ishita if anything will happen to her baby. Ishita asks her to be brave as nothing will happen.

    YHM Written Updates,Upcoming Story, Spoiler

    Roshni was taken to the operation theatre. Ishita requests the doctor to save her as she fell very hard.
    Raman asks Ishita if Roshni is fine. Ishita tells him that she has been taken to OT. She is highly worried about her. Raman asks her not to worry. He is coming soon after giving a statement to police. Ishita requests him to come early. Raman tells to the inspector that this person attacked on Roshni. She is in the hospital and he needs to go. Inspector asks him if he knows the person. Raman replies No. Inspector says that they got a name RAGHAV mentioned in his identity card. And asks if he ever listened to the name. Raman replies he didn't and asks the inspector to let him go as he is in hurry. Inspector allowed him to go but asked him to keep his mobile on as they may need him anytime.
    Param was listening to their conversation. He called Simmi and told her that Raghav is dead. The danger is averted.

    The doctor tells Ishita that Roshni's condition is critical but they need to deliver the baby as soon as possible. Raman requests doctor to save Roshni. The doctor told him that Roshni's condition is very critical and they can save only one from Roshni and baby. She asks Ishita to take the decision and tell them whom should they save.

    PRECAP :

    Roshni tells Ishita to Save Her Baby But Raman tells Her that They will Save Both.Ishita Prays to God for baby and Roshni.

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