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  • Tuesday, 24 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2018 Written Update "Ishita Gets Success Raman come Out as Clean"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Ishita Gets Success Raman come Out as Clean"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2018 Written Update "Ishita Gets Success Raman come Out as Clean"
    The episode starts with Raman holding Ishita's hand and standing against those ladies shouting against him. Ishita again tells them that the story they listened is false. Raman is being trapped in a false story. 

    YHM 24th July 2018 Written Update

    She is supporting him not because he is her husband but because he is innocent. I also want the culprit to be punished bit if an innocent person will get the punishment will it not be an injustice for Tanya.
    Alia asks Neelu where is she going. Neelu tells her that she is going to give tea to Santoshi. Alia asks her not to disturb Santoshi or somebody else as everyone is sleeping because they couldn't sleep the previous night as they are worried about Raman. Alia asks Neelu for some milk. She tells her that the milk gets spoiled. 

    Alia says that she may go and bring some from the shop. Neelu stops her and remembered her what Ishita said. But Alia went out.
    Ishita again requests the ladies and explains to them that her husband is innocent. The ladies said that she got bail for her husband with the strength of wealth but they can't suppress justice with their wealth. They will not let Tanya's death go in vain. Raman starts shouting at the ladies and said that they can do whatever they want. May hang him or darken his face but not to drag his wife into it. The ladies got violent. Inspector reaches there. And sends the ladies outside. Raman thanks him. They went home.

    Guard asks Alia to go back home. As some thugs came searching for Raman. Alia slips on the stairs. Mr.Iyer came there and sent Alia inside. The thugs saw him and start beating him. Alia told Madhvi and Kiran about the thug's downside. Raman and Ishita arrive there. They saw Mr. Iyer lying on the floor with blood on his face. Raman went angry and starts beating the goons. Mani reaches there with two constables who took the goons with them. Mr.Iyer was taken inside. Ishita applies bandages on his injuries and Madhvi offers him turmeric's milk. Raman blames himself for these problems. Mr.Iyer says it does not have a fault. Raman again felt dizzy and fall on to the chair.

    Mihka asks Ishita if she talked to the doctor. Ishita tells her that she talked to the assistant. The doctor wants to talk to her personally. She thinks why don't they give her the report directly. The bell rings. It's Dr.singh on the door. Ishita tells him that she was just talking to his assistant. Dr tells her that he wanted to give her the reports personally and discuss something. Watching Dr. being uncomfortable Mihka leaves by saying that she needs to make an urgent call. Ishita asks Dr. to come in and have a seat. She asked him what's the matter. Dr tells her that he got traces of some dangerous drugs in his blood. Ishita gets shocked.

    Ishita sees the reports. Dr. tells her that it's a chemical drug whose effect lasts for 4 to 5 days. Its consumption may lead to memory loss or unconsciousness as Raman felt. He says that he could inform the police but as he knows her. So he thought to inform her first. He asks Ishita to keep an eye on Raman for his better. Ishita thanks the doctor.

    Ishita shows the reports to Raman. He felt astonished to see them. He asks why would he use drugs. Ishita says she knows he won't. But it's traces are found in his system which shows somebody gave it to him. Ishita asks him what happened the night he was with Tanya. Raman says that he had a fight with Romi.. went to bar and started drinking. Ishita asks Tanya reached to him?  Raman told her that as he was drinking alone..he met Tanya... She asked him to drop her home as she didn't had car. She drove the car as Raman was extremely drunk. As they reached home. Tanya offered him some water and she mixed some kind of drug in the water. Raman drank that water. Tanya tried to get close to him but he got up by saying he need to go home. 


    Tanya tried to stop him but he didn't. Ishita asks Raman if he is sure that's what happened the night. Raman replies that he is 100% sure . He remembered everything. As he went to Tanya's home she gave him water after drinking which he felt some dizziness. Tanya tried to get close to him but he came home. Ishita says it's a good sign that he remembered everything. May be he couldn't remember anything before because of effect of that drug. And as Raman was not conscious it was easier for Tanya to get her mobile or may be Simmi and Param gave it to her. She says that she is sure that Simmi and Param are involved in it. She tells him that they  should not let Simmi and Param to live in their house anymore. 

    Raman replies that he knows Simmi. She is not that much bad. It's all Param's fault. Ishita says that she too wants the reality of Param to be revealed in front of Simmi as soon as possible. Raman says that before that before that he need to reveal a reality in front of everyone. Raman took the reports to police station and showed it to the inspector. He told them that he was drugged that night and hence couldn't do all what they are saying. Inspector asks him to relax. Raman replies that he will not relax. If anyone will point finger towards his family he will not care about the law anymore. Inspector ensures him that the reality will be soon revealed .

     Inspector shows them the reports of Tanya's postmortem and tells them that they got traces of same drug in Tanya's blood. And more shocking news is that the reason of death may be suffocation but they are not sure about the hanging. Inspector suspects that may be someone murdered Tanya and showed it as a suicide. Ishita requests inspector to release the reports in front of media so that they may not tease their family anymore. Inspector asks Raman to relax as he is a free man now.Raman says he is worried for his family.

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