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  • Monday, 23 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2018 Written Update "Raman Spends Night at Jail Ishita Stands For Raman"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2018 Written Update 

    "Raman Spends Night at Jail Ishita Stands For Raman"

    Santoshi is crying for Raman. Mani tells them that Raman can't get bail today as all courts are closed we must wait till next morning. Ishita says why? Can't they do anything?.  

    Mani tells her that they can do nothing. Ishita says she must meet Raman once. Mani says that Raman knows that it's very late and courts are closed. Ishita says that she promised to him to bring him out of jail today. He will be worried. She must assure him. She must go. Ishita is too much concerned. Shagun says that she and Mani will also accompany them.  They went to the police station.

    YHM 23rd July 2018 Written Update 

    Param and Simmi were shocked. How could Tanya die?  It was not their plan. Everything went wrong. They remembered when they both went to meet Tanya. She asked them what they need now. Everything is finished. Simmi said that it's not finished yet. Tanya asked them what can they do now. Simmi told her if they may make the condition worse Raman will have to go to jail. Tanya asked how could they? Simmi and Param told her the plan. 

    They said that she will try to commit suicide and write Raman's name on the suicide letter. When police will get the letter they will arrest Raman. Tanya initially denied as it was a dangerous plan. But when Simmi provokes her against Ishita. She agrees. Simmi told her that she only need to attempt a suicide. They will not let her die.she will be taken to the hospital at the right time. She just needs to write a fake suicide letter against Raman that will work as an evidence for the police against her. She also said that Param's friend Raghav will explain the whole set up to her. And they went out. 

    Simmi says that how fool Tanya is as she is ready to sacrifice her life for Raman. She asks Param when will Raghav go to Tanya. He told her that within an hour. Simmi remembered about the CCTV camera. But Param told her that he already managed that. The camera will start working the next day. And they came home back. Simmi says how can Raghav make such a mistake and pick her mobile to call him. Param stops her and says that calling him now may lead them to a problem.

    Ishita, Shagun, and Mani went to police station. They request an inspector to let Ishita meet Raman once. He denies at starting but later agree. Raman came out. Ishita sat with him. She told him that he can't get bail today. Raman replies that he knows she will get him out the next morning. It's about one night just. Ishita asks him if he is fine? He replies that he is fine and if Ishita is with him she will not let anything to happen to him. Meanwhile, some media enters in and starts questioning Raman. They blame him for Tanya's death. Ishita asks them to shut up and shoo them. But its useless. Their questions are still rising. Raman remains silent. Inspector sent the reporters out and Raman back to jail. Ishita says to Mani that it will spoil Bhalla family's reputation. They must do something.

    Ishita went home back. She told everyone that Media got the news that Raman is arrested for Tanya's suicide. The condition has become worse. We need to handle it carefully. As media is not going to stop. They will definitely try to crack out more and more information. We must not react to them. They will surely call us. But please don't receive any such call. And make sure that anybody from our family will not go out alone. Everyone is ready to help her. She asks everyone to go to sleep as it's 3:00 am. Pihu was listening to their conversation.

    Ishita went to her room. She misses Raman's arms starts crying. Raman too misses her and remembers how hard she is trying to support him. Pihu and Ruhi went to Ishita's room. Pihu told her that she listened to everything. She knows Raman is in jail. She says that she is a big girl and can understand everything. Ishita doesn't need to worry about her. She believes that Ishita will definitely bring Raman back home the next morning...

    YHM WRITTEN UPDATE 23rd July 2018

    Next morning. Ishita and Mani go to the police station for Raman's bail. Mani gave the bail papers to the inspector. Inspector asks the constable to bring Raman. As Raman came inspector asks him to sign the bail papers and tells him that they are releasing him on basis of bail. He can't go out of the city. And he is still a suspect in eyes of law. Mani thanks, inspector.
    Ishita and Raman went out. Mani too came there. Raman thanks, Mani. He replies that he doesn't need to thanks him as he knows he is innocent. He asks Raman and Ishita to go. At the moment...some ladies came there with slogans against Raman. They blame Raman for Tanya's suicide and said that because of his money power an innocent girl sacrificed her life. Raman was about to answer them but Ishita stops him and says it's useless as they will not listen to him. She asks Mani and Raman to leave as being a lady she can deal with those ladies better. Ishita tries to stop them. She told them that they are doing wrong. Her husband is innocent. He is being trapped. The ladies claim that Tanya wrote Raman's name in the suicide letter. He can't be innocent. Ishita is trying to stop them. Raman came from behind...stood by her and holds her hand. Ishita is worried about those ladies and astonished to see Raman standing by her.

    PRECAP :

    Raman Ishita Reach Home and See Mr.Iyer on Floor Blood comes out from his Face.Raman Beats the Goons in anger.

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