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  • Thursday, 19 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2018 Written Update"Ishita Changes Raman's Mind Romi Leaves House"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2018 Written Update
                YHM 19th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2018 Written Update"Ishita Changes Raman's Mind Romi Leaves House"

     Raman gains consciousness and gets panicked. He asks how am I here. And my meeting....? Ishita asks him to relax and told him that he had Low BP so he felt dizziness. Raman says I have to go office I have a meeting...Ishita again told him meeting in cancelled. Relax. They knew you are not fine so they left. Ishita says I may bring coffee its helpful in low BP. Mihka said that she may go to take coffee. Mr and Mrs Bhalla say sorry to Raman for distrusting him. Raman requests them not to do so.


    Pihu reaches there with the trophy in her hand. But was astonished to see everyone in Raman's room. She asks what are they all doing there. And is Raman fine. Ishita says Raman is fine he is just having rest. Ruhi asks Pihu about her prize. she told everyone that she won first prize in the spelling competition Everyone was happy and appreciated her. 

    Mihka brings coffee. Ishita says that they should leave Raman alone to rest. Everyone went out. Raman said to Ishita he felt strange to be unconscious suddenly. Ishita asks him to relax. Raman raises his hand to pick up his mobile to make a call but  Ishita took his mobile and asked him to rest. And if he may need something she is outside.
    Raman thinks that he how much he hurt bad he behaved with her but still she supported him...He must say sorry to her once.

    Ishita went out. Santoshi says sorry to her. Ishita asks Why? Sorry for what? Santoshi replies that they behaved very rude to her. But still, she saved Raman. She can never forget it. Ishita asks her not to say sorry... forget the past and make a new starting.
    Santoshi prays that everything may remain good in their family. Ishita says that she wants to talk something. But Roshni said that she wants to discuss something with her and took Ishita in her room. She requests Ishita not to talk about her and the baby at this moment. Her family is coming up together and if she will rise this topic it may create differences again. Ishita agreed...said her to rest and went outside. Roshni talks to herself and says that nobody knows whether she may watch this baby after birth or not.
    Mihka offers juice to Raman but he says that he doesn't need it. Shagun came there and asked him to take it. Santoshi asks her why she had come now. That time she supported Tanya and sent those NGO ladies in Raman's office so what she needs now. Shagun told them that she didn't send those ladies in his office. Even she got the information after watching the news. Santoshi says that may be Tanya herself went to those ladies but Ishita says that Tanya is not so intelligent and she can't do this herself. May it's someone else seeking revenge from Raman through Tanya. Mihka asks Raman if he remembers that he left his mobile at Tanya's home or not. Raman says that the real problem is that he just doesn't remember anything. Ishita says that maybe he didn't take his phone with himself as he left from home after a fight with Romi in huge resentment. Mr.bhalla says that maybe someone from their home took his phone and gave it to Tanya. Raman says how anybody from their family could do this. Ishita says that may be Simmi did this. As she is habitual of going against Raman. Santoshi felt angry on Simmi. Mr.bhalla suggests her to keep calm and wait for any proof otherwise Simmi will just argue with them. Santoshi agrees.
    Manjari was listening to their conversation. She told everything to Simmi. Simmi gave her some money and ordered her to give her regular information about what's going on in their family. She sends Manjari and stats thinking how can she trap Raman. Param said to her that she must remember that if Tanya will reveal their name their game will be over. An idea struck Simmi's mind. She asks Param to come with her. He asks where? Simmi says that she will tell him everything on the way and took him with her.
    Simmi and Param went to Tanya's house.
    A person came to Mr.bhalla' house and said that he had come to take Romi's goods for shifting. He told him to take the goods from his room. Santoshi cries and requests Romi to forget the past and discuss his problems with them. She requests him to stay there. Ishita asks her to let him go as he had taken his decision and stopping him is useless. He has the right to live his life according to his will. Romi and Mihka went inside. Ruhi tries to stop them but Ishita stops her too.
    Romi packs his luggage and was just leaving. Mihka requests Santoshi to stop Romi. Raman said to Santoshi that her son had decided to leave this house. He had grown up and can't tolerate a twit from his brother. He said to Romi to break the relation and be happy.

    Ishita asks Romi if he forgot to pack something.  Romi said that he didn't. Ishita remembered him that he forgot too many things. He forgot to pack the love, the care and the affinity left in the corners of his house. How can he settle his new home without them?

    PRECAP : 

    Raman Ishita Get Shocked to See Tanya hanging on Ropes Police Shows Suicide note In which She Accused Raman for her Death.

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