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  • Friday, 13 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2018 "Raman-Ishita Sleep In Each-Other Arms"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2018 "Raman-Ishita Sleep In Each-Other Arms"

    Simmi heard Ishita and Santoshi talking about their planning.She felt highly angry and wanted to take revenge from her.Simmi asks Manjari to help her and in return she will offer money to Manjari Denies initially but later agreed and asked Summit what she has to do.Simmi told her that she will tell her what to do later.

    Romi came home.Raman stats scolding him for the meeting he attended to join a new company.Meanwhile Manjari steals Raman's phone and gave it to Simmi.
    Ishita goes to her home to meet her family.
    She had a meal with them and then asked her Appa for his help.She requests him to give her the share certificates in which he invested before her marriage.She told them needed those papers to help Romi.Mr.Iyer agreed to help her.

    Romi was talking to Mihka that he can't live in this house anymore.Raman doesn't behave good with him.He can't tolerate such insults again and again.They will shift to new house as soon as possible.
    Ishita enters there and says that Romi is right.He don't need to tolerate all this.And handles him share certificates that can help him to ready his new house.Initially Romi denied to accept them but later Ishita offerd them as a house warming gift and he had to agree.

    Mihka went to Ishita and asked her why she is promoting Romi in his stupidity.She expected Ishita to stop him instead.And left.

    Ishita talks to herself and says Sorry Mihka but am doing all this to sort out the differences.
    Bhalla family gathers for dinner.Santoshi asks Ishita to join them.but she kept on waiting for Raman.Ishita felt concerned because Raman didn't pick her call.Romi replied that it's common now.Raman does what he want.

    It's 1:30 am.Ishita is still waiting for Raman.She calls him again but as he didn't pick up the phone.She decides to go and search for him herself.As she went out she saw Raman soused.He was so drunk that he couldn't even walk properly.Ishita helped him ,kept his arms over her shoulder and took him inside the home.They both sat close to each other.At the same moment Simmi and Param entered.Simmi asked them to continue their romance in their room.But Param said that Ishita is trying to cope up with drunk Raman.And lefts by taunting on Raman by saying that he falls again and again but Ishita help him to get up again.
    In Simmi's room Param asks her about the Plan but she simply asks him to Wait and watch.He will see the results next morning.

    Raman woke up and yelled Neelu to give him lemonade.Ishita gave it to him and said she need to talk to him.He need to follow some rules.Raman apologies for previous night.Ishita asks write it 10 times on paper that he will not drink from now.He wrote it handed the paper to Ishita.
    At the moment their bell rang.Neelu opens the door.Tanya enters in with huge resentment and asks Raman how could he do that s with her.Raman asks what he did.Tanya said he don't need to be so innocent and told him that  he plotted camera in her house and made her video while she was bathing.
    Raman and whole family stood there shocked.

    PRECAP :

    Shagun claims that it was Raman in the footage of Tanya's home.Raman is still confused.Mr.Bhalla slaps him hard for his deed

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