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  • Wednesday, 11 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Written Update "Raman's Back Pain Ishra's Cute Nok-Jhok"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Written Update "Raman's Back Pain Ishra's Cute Nok-Jhok"

    Raman could sleep as he forgot his pillow.He snatches Ishita's pillow and this leads to clamor between them. As it disturbed Ishita's sleep and she woke up.She fights with Raman for snatching her pillow and calls her thief. 

    She also asks Raman to sleep down as he has back pain but he denies.This cute quarrel highlights their care for each other.A while later both of them sleep.

    Next morning,Ishita wakes up first and assembles her blankets.At that moment Simmi comes there and starts shouting.She blames Ishita that because of her Raman had to sleep in hall.Meanwhile Mr & Mrs Bhalla also reached there.Raman woke up and asked Simmi to stay silent as he came to sleep in hall with his will because AC of his room was not working.

    Santoshi taunts Simmi by saying that if she may leave Raman could sleep easily in her room.Simmi left for the kitchen in huge resentment and planned to meet Vijay Deewan the astrologer.
    As Raman got up he had extreme back pain.Ishita asked if he needed help but he denied.

    On the other side Madhvi was also going to meet Vijay Deewan.Ishita wished Madhvi Good Morning and was happy to get a reply from her.She hoped that one day she would forget everything and forgive her 
    Ishita went to Raman and asked him to let her apply balm as he had back pain.But as usual Raman can never agree to her without an argument.

    Still Ishita gave him balm and asked him to either apply it or throw it.He tried to apply the balm but couldn't do it himself so left the opinion of applying.

    Ishita went to Roshni's room.Roshni asked her about previous night but Ishita lied that she had a sweet night in her room.Roshni said that she know that she and Raman slept in hall not in room and she asked Ishita if she had made any wrong decision for her baby's care.Ishita explained that it happened because room's AC was not working and asked Roshni to take medicine.

    Madhvi reached to Viijay Diwan's office and was surprised to discover that Viijay Diwan was none other but her old school and college mate Sunder who changed his name to VIIJAY. Madhvi asked Viijay to help her to teach a lesson to Simmi who had an appointment with him after the upcoming 2 Hours.
    Raman again tried to apply the balm but he couldn't.Ishita enters the room and starts teasing him indirectly.
    A parcel arrived for Romi.But Romi asked the man not to deliver the parcel there.Mihka was upset to know that Romi had started furnishing his new house.

    Simmi reached at Viijay Diwan's Office.But Madhvi's pre planning created a funny situation there.Before she may ask him about something he told her story that Madhvi told him.Simmi requested him to solve her problem.He asked her to wear Warm clothes and Stay away from AC.Simmi felt strange at first but later she trusted him.Madhvi thanked Viijay for his favour.

    Raman reaches for breakfast in shorts as he couldn't wear his pants because of back pain.But as usual he disagree to Ishita's opinion. Ishita took him to apply medicine for his back pain

    PRECAP : PRECAP : Simmi wears winter Clothes and Raman asks her what happened to her She tells that This is for keeping away the negative energy.Amma comes inside and laughs with Ishita over Simmi's Stupidity.

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