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  • Tuesday, 10 July 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita to Stay in One Room Nok-Jhok Start"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita to Stay in One Room Nok-Jhok Start".
    The episode starts with Santoshi, kiran and Roshni entering Pihu's room.Santoshi tells Roshni that Pihu will be happy if she will stay at her room. Madhu arrives there and sees roshni's swollen legs while tying black thread to it.

    She asks roshni to rest and said Kiran to bring oil to massage her legs.Alia reaches there and brings coconut water for Roshni and said that she can take care of Roshni and Santoshi and Madhu can leave.

    On the other side,Ruhi asks Raman to free up some space in his cupboard for Ishita as it was earlier.But Raman denies to do so and leaves.

    Roshni apologize from Alia and said that she is sorry as she didn't ever wanted to come between her and Adi all this happened by mistake.Alia closes the door and said that She can't apologize her as first she shear Adi from her and later her Amma.She said that Ishita doesn't chose Roshni over her but Adi's baby.If she would have never loved Adi these problems would not arise.And now this is her turn as Roshni snatch Adi from Alia she will snatch Roshni's baby from her.

    She asked Roshni to call her if she need anything and left.Roshni talked to her baby and said that Alia is your mother.If I may leave she will always be with you and take care of you.
    Raman told Ishita that he can't behave normal anymore.Ishita asks him to carry on just until Roshni's delivery and she will try not to cross his way.But as she move ahead their path clashed.

    Simmi was talking to Param and asking him to check his kundali from an astrologer but Nilu reached there.Simmi cuts the call and started shouting at her.
    Simmi goes outside and talked to her friend to fix her meeting with an astrologer Vijay deewan next day.Madhu heard all her conversation and went to Kiran and asked her to search all information about astrologer Vijay Deewan.Kiran gave her the information and asked why she need all this.Madhu took his number and called the astrologer.
    Ishita went to Alia and said sorry to her and tried to explain why she is supporting Roshni.She tried to tell her that her intention was not to hurt her.Alia replied that she has no problem with that baby and she is Okay with him.but she don't want to talk about this topic again.
    Roshni,Mihka and Ruhi comes there.Alia asks her to sit.
    Raman was preparing how to deny Ishita for sharing his bedroom.Ishita reaches there and said what he wanted to listen to and went to hall to sleep while everyone was asleep.
    She thought of sleeping down instead of sleeping at sofa.Raman couldn't sleep as it was too hot and AC in his room was not working.As all the rooms were already occupied he decided to sleep in hall.
    Ruhi watched Ishita sleeping in hall at floor and was about to go to her to ask about it but Roshni stops her and asks her to give them some time.Raman reaches there and saw Ishita sleeping down at floor.He sleep by her side at the sofa.

    Precap:Raman occupied Back pain because of sleeping at couch and Ishita offers him balm.But he couldn't apply it himself.So we will find out will he ask Ishita for help or not?

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