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  • Sunday, 8 July 2018

    Tanya Spikes Raman's Drink,Drunk Raman Tries to Force Himself on Tanya Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBS 8th July Video WU

     Tanya Spikes Raman's Drink Raman Tries to Force Himself on Tanya Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBS 8th July Video and Written Update.

    Segment Start with Scene Before Tanya’s Accusation on Raman
    It starts with Tanya’s House Where Tanya comes with Fully Drunk Raman and She Makes Him Sit on The Couch and She Sits Near Him.

    He is not in the Sense and Tanya too Wants Same She Spikes His Drink and He tries to come Closer to her.
    First He Stands Up with Her and Tries to take her in his arms She gets Scared and Pushes Him Away and He Fell on the Couch.

    He tries again and She Pushes Him again and Yells at him that She didn’t bring him here for doing all this.
    She tells Him That You were drunk and not in the Sense that’s why I Took you here with me I couldn’t leave you there at this condition.

    Raman Gets Dizzy and She Starts Her Main Plan After He Slept on the Couch.
    This Scene is not in the Segment But We Know what Tanya will do next.
    She will Take His Phone and Opens Camera and Makes Her Video In the Washroom and It will Look Like an MMS made By Secretly.

    Same Night Raman will Go to His House in the same State and Ishita will Take Care of Him and He will Sleep with Holding Ishita’s Hand.
    Next Day Tanya will Accuss Raman for making her video and She will Show Some Proof too.
    Ishita will Be Raman’s Support in this and Will Reveal who is Behind all this.
    Stay Tune in for more updates and Must Watch this Segment

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