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  • Wednesday, 4 July 2018

    Simmi Taunts Ishita Raman Supports Ishita Love reignite Again Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD 4th July Video WU

     Simmi Taunts Ishita Raman Supports Ishita Love reignites Again Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD 4th July Video and Written Update 

    Segment Start After Raman and Ishita’s Cute fight Over Pillow-Couch and Sleeping Place its Morning where Ishita wakes Up and She Sees Raman is Having Problem with Sun Rays So She Goes and Closes the Curtain and Simmi Sees All This and comes and Blasts on Ishita that How Shameless You Are See My Bhai is Sleeping here and You were Sleeping in Room.

    Ishita Tries to Say But She is Not Stopping Mr.Bhalla comes and asks what happened why are you shouting everyone is Sleeping.
    She Says See Papa Because of ishita Bhai is Sleeping here in Hall that Too On Couch.

    Raman Wakes up and Says I am Sleeping here because Ac is Not working in My Room Not Because of Ishita You Understand. We Both Sleep Here You are too Much Started Early In the Morning.

    Mrs.Bhalla Taunts Simmi if you're getting So Concern for Brother Just leave this house with Your Husband.
    Simmi Gets Fumes and Leaves from there.
    Ishita Smiles that Finally, Raman Took her Side. Raman Wakes Up and Rubs his Eyes and Feels Back Pain and Remembers what She Told Last Night while they were Fighting.

    She Told him That he will Feel Pain Because Sleeping on the Couch and Now He is Feeling He is Cursing Himself not to Listing her.
    Will Raman and Ishita Finish off their Differences and Reunite Again Well this is Just Starting Stay Tune in for More Updates and Must watch This Segment

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