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  • Friday, 13 July 2018

    Shivaay Hides Anika Inside his Cupboard Rudra-Omkara Caught Him Ishqbaaaz UMT 13th July Video WU

     Shivaay Hides Anika Inside his Cupboard Rudra-Omkara Caught Him Ishqbaaaz UMT 13th July Video and Written Update.

    Segment Start with Omkara and Rudra Spiked Shivaay’s Juice So that he Can Blurt What is Going Inside him. They come to Shivaay’s Room and Gets Shocked to See His Weird Behavior.

    He is Standing His Back Against His Cupboard and He is Yawning when they Ask Him what Happened to Him He Says I Have a Cough They Say we will come with Water But He Says No No Water Something will Happen to Me If I Drink Water While Couching.

    Actually, Shivaay  Drunk That Juice and Anika Also Have Some Juice and Now They are Drunk and Shivaay Hide Anika Inside the Cupboard.
    He Doesn’t want Rudra and Omkara to See Anika Inside his Room and He is Making Excuses so that They go Out and He will Drop Back Anika.

    Rudra and Omkara Tried their Hard to ask him But He made Excuses Every time. He tells them he is Sweating because Of Couch and You all Know His Habit of Sweating.
    Omkara and Rudra are Not Satisfied But They leave Him Alone.

    Omkara’s Interview: We were Trying to Know what was Happening (Nakuul comes and Kissed Jai On His Cheeks and Talk) Jai Says He was Behaving Weird Last Night. We want to Know the Secret.
    He Continues that He was Doing Something Weird Leaning on Cupboard and Talking Something Stupid.
    What will happen When Anika and Shivaay will Get out of Drunk State?
    Stay Tune in for More updates and Must Watch this Funny Segment

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