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  • Sunday, 15 July 2018

    Shivaay-Anika Sleep in Each-Other's Arms Ishqbaaaz SBS 15th July Video Written Update

    Ishqbaaaz Redux :Shivika's Romance future Story

                           Ishqbaaaz Redux :Shivika's Romance

    Shivaay-Anika Sleep in Each-Other's Arms Ishqbaaaz SBS 15th July Video Written Update

    Segment Start From Shivaay’s Room Where Shivaay and Anika are Sleeping In each-other's arms Both are Sleeping Peacefully Until Shivaay Listens to His Mobile’s Ringtone and He Opens his Eyes and Gets shocked to See Anika is In His Arms and When he tries to come Out She Snugs More and makes her Grips Tight on Him.

    He Somehow reaches to Side Table and Puts his Fingers Inside the water Glass and Sprinkle some waters on her face.
    She Gets Shocked to See Herself In His Arms She Asks Him How did You come here He Takes Deep Breathe and Calms His Heartbeats and Says Its My Room and You are Here.

    Ishqbaaaz redux Future Story

    They Hear Rudra and Omkara’s Voices She Gets Panicked But He Tells her to Hide Inside the Cupboard She Looks at Him Surprised But They have No Other Option and She Gets inside the Cupboard and Shivaay Opens The Door Rudra and Omkara Aks Him Why He is Leaning On Cupboard.
    Rest Scene is Same We Updated that he Makes Excuses that he is Having Couch and Somehow Omkara and Rudra Leave the Room.

    Anika Tells in her Interview How She Landed in Shivaay’s Arms and in His Bed.
    She Says That She Came to Shivaay’s Room To Give Ring and Told him About Daksh But Rudra is Cheap Men Gave Them Some Drink Name Punch and They Got Drunk and Landed Like That In Bed But She Says Let me Clear that we Just Slept we did Nothing Wrong.

    Must Watch this Super Cute Segment

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