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  • Tuesday, 3 July 2018

    Raman-Ishita's Grahpravesh at Bhalla House Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD 3rd July Video WU

     Raman-Ishita's Grahpravesh at Bhalla House Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBD 3rd July Video and Written Update.

    Segment Start with Ishita and Roshni finally come to Bhalla House But Before they come Inside Ruhi Insists Raman to go to Ishita and Both come Inside Together.

    Mrs.Bhalla does Roshni’s aarti and She comes Inside After that Raman Comes and Stans With Ishita and Both come Inside Together Mrs.Bhalla Does Aarti and Ishita comes and Looks Around.

    Roshni Goes to her Room and Ruhi Takes Ishita’s Luggage to Raman’s Room and Raman and Ishita Argues inside the Room They agree to Live with Each-Other But Not in Same Room But Ruhi Scolds Both that why are you fighting She Tells that She will Help Ishita to Unpack her Things and Raman and Ishita Look At each-other Helplessly.

    She Continues that You Accepted this that You Both Fight when She Came Newly Married to this House too She tells Them to finish this off Soon and come Out.
    Ishita’s Interview: Raman and Ishita are on Agreement that They will Live Together and they are doing for this others.
    She continues that Ruhi is Behind This to Live in same room She Dragged us and She is adamant to Finish our Differences.
    She tells that Bhalla doesn’t Love Roshni they Love her Child But Her Child is her Part and I came with her So Many Awkwardness in all this.

    Will Ishita and Raman Finish Their Differneces Stay Tune in for More Updates and Must Watch This Segment

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