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  • Friday, 13 July 2018

    Raman Fainted Because of Tanya Ishita takes Care of Him Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Hai SBB 13th July Video WU

    Raman Fainted Because of Tanya Ishita takes Care of Him YHM SBB 13th July Video and Written Update.
    Segment Start with Ishita Reaches Raman office with Lawyer and She Stops NGO leader by Giving her Example of her own Husband.

    She Also Shouts on them that they Should Check Background Check before Helping Girl Like Tanya who Traps Rich People Like this.
    After the Ladies Left Ishita Gives Earful to Tanya that She will Expose her In Two Days Tanya Retorts that She has video Why Would She Lie Something Like This ,Just then Raman who was So Hurt Because of the All taunts Feels Dizzy and He Falls on the Chair.

    Ishita, Mr. Bhall, and Other Reach Him and Give Him Some Water He Fainted Because of Low Blood Pressure.
    Ishita tells In her Interview that Raman Fainted Because of Low BP that was we all were thinking But There is Something Else too.

    Ishita takes him home where she is Taking Care of Him and She tells Family to Leave Him Alone sometime.
    Raman is Sitting on the Bed and Lost In Thought Ishita comes with Coffee and She Puts on Side Table and Gives Him Water and She tells Him That if He Needs Anything Just give A Call.
    Again Ishita Gives a Small Byte that Ishita and Raman fight A lot but There is so much love in Between them they don’t Show Doesn’t Mean they don’t have.

    There Simmi and Param Shocked because of Tanya’s Extream Step.
    We will update that news In next post Stay tune in for more updates

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