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  • Monday, 2 July 2018

    Raman Begs Roshni to Give Decision in His Favour Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBS 2nd July Video WU

    Raman Begs Roshni to Give Decision in His Favour Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBS 2nd July Video and Written Update.

    Segment Start Before the Court Scene Where Roshni will Take Decision to Live with Bhallas.

    In this Small Segment, Raman comes to Ishita’s Apartment as He Knows that Ishita is Not at Home He comes with same Two BodyGaurds with Him.
    Roshni Takes him to her Home where Raman and Roshni sit on the Bed and Raman Asks Her What Is She Thinking whom will She Support and give Custody.

    Roshni Tells Him That She Doesn’t want to Hurt Anyone Specially Aliya If She Gives Custody to Bhalla Then She has to Live with them and Seeing her Daily will be So Painful for Aliya.
    Raman Folds his Hands In front of her and Begs her to think about the Only Baby Not anyone and For Baby, You Know Who will Give Your Baby a Stable Future.

    Roshni Stands Up and Cries Silently That She wants to take A Decision which Brings Smile on Everyone Face.
    Raman too Stands Up and Roshni wipes her Tears with her hands that She will Soon Tell her Decision in Court.

    In The last Segment End with Roshni’s Decision with Live Bhallas But One condition that Ishita will Also With her.
    Raman Gives her Positive Vote to Judge that For Child’s Future He agrees with Roshni's Decision But Ishita is Angry from Roshni that This will Hurt Aliya so Much.
    Roshni Tells Ishita that She was Dying In Guilt Because of Her She and Raman are Separated.
    Stay Tune in for Updates and Must Watch This Segment.

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