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  • Monday, 30 July 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 30th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay breaks Anika's Marriage takes her to temple"

    ISHQBAAAZ 30th July 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 30th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Shivaay breaks Anika's Marriage takes her to temple"

    ISHQBAAAZ 30th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay breaks Anika's Marriage takes her to temple"
    Everyone at the marriage hall is struck with shock by what Shivaay says. Shivaay continues to lie about his relationship with Anika. He tries to justify his statement by saying that she had even come to his mansion, that too during her own engagement and stayed there the entire night. 


    Anika continues to plead Shivaay to stop. To everyone's surprise, he plays a video of the moments they had spent together. The video shows Anika and Shivaay together. Anika tells Nikhil that all this is a lie and she must be given a chance to prove her innocence. Nikhil shouts back at her and says that he had given her a chance but now he regrets doing so. 


    Nikhil and his family immediately leave the marriage hall in anger. Anika and Gauri try to stop them but their efforts are put in vain. Their relatives talk about Anika's character in a negative way and everyone leave. Anika shouts at Shivaay after everyone leaves and asks him why he is trying to spoil her life. Shivaay replies that he shall not tell her but show her instead. He pulls her hand to drag her away but she resists. She says that she shall not go anywhere. Shivaay says that he isn't used to refusals and hence, he picks her up and forcefully carries her away.


    They reach the hospital where Priyanka is admitted. Anika is shocked to see her and tries to wake her up. Shivaay says that she is in a coma and all that has happened because of her. Anika defends herself by saying that she did not intend to do anything wrong and she only tried to save Priyanka from getting married to Daksh. She reveals that Payal is pregnant with Daksh's child. To this, Shivaay tells her that it's time to confirm whether she's speaking the truth or not. He calls Payal and she arrives along with Daksh. Anika persuades her to tell Shivaay the truth and how Daksh has tortured her. Surprisingly, she, in turn, questions Anika about what she is saying. She denies the fact that she is pregnant and accuses Anika of trying to spoil the friendship between Daksh and her. Anika is shocked by her words and asks her why she is lying. She reminds her of how he kidnapped her and locked her up in the basement but Payal denies all that she says.
    The conversation between Daksh and Payal is shown next. Daksh is shown telling Payal that he loves her and does not plan to cheat her at all. He says that Priyanka shall not recover. He adds that they need Shivaay's money to take care of their child. He shall very soon get married to her but before that, he must make sure that Tia and Shivaay get married. He finally says that Payal must be on his side for all this to happen and she agrees.
    Anika continues to tell Shivaay that Daksh is a fraud and she doesn't know why Payal is lying. Shivaay stops her and asks her if the world around her is a lie and she, alone speaks the truth. He accuses her of trying her chance with Daksh as she couldn't win Shivaay. As Anika tries to defend herself, Daksh pleads her to stop.
    Just then, the doctor arrives and says that Priyanka might never recover and it's better to inform her family about this. Shivaay stands speechless. He then drags Anika and reaches a temple. She asks him why they have come there and he replies that they are here to get married. Anika is shocked and speechless. He orders the priest to start the preparations for the marriage. Anika forces him to stop and says that marriage is something very important and he is making a mistake. He replies that his sister's marriage too was equally important but Anika did not think twice before spoiling it. Anika runs away from there, refusing to get married to him.
    "Vasundhara Trivedi", says Shivaay and that name makes Anika stop where she is. She turns back to him and he asks her if that was the name of her mom. Harshvardhan Trivedi, he says, was the name of her father. He tells her that her mom is the mistress of a rich man even after getting married and he knows it all. He blackmails her by saying that he shall tell Gauri that her mom isn't dead, but she is the mistress of a rich man. Anika asks him not to do so. She says that he may take revenge on her but not on her sister and she hasn't done anything wrong. He replies that his sister too hadn't been at fault. In the midst of the argument, she escapes from her and hides behind a pillar. Shivaay comes in search of her but she is nowhere to be seen.

    Precap: Shivaay asks Anika to choose between telling Gauri the truth about her mom or getting married to him. She chooses to get married to him. He ties the Mangal Sutra and applies the 'kunkum' to her head. He says that from now on, her image is that of Shivaay Singh Oberoi's mistress!

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