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  • Friday, 27 July 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 27th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Breaks Anika's Marriage"

    ISHQBAAAZ 27th July 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 27th July 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 27th July 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Breaks Anika's Marriage"

    The episode begins with Shivaay staring at Priyanka's jewels which were made for the marriage. He looks at her dresses and begins to cry in an emotional state.

     He recalls the happy moments spent with her and how the marriage was going perfectly fine.
    A minute later, Daksh enters the room. Outraged, Shivaay shouts at him and asks him how dare he leaves his sister and runs away from the marriage in the middle. 

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    Daksh comes running toward him and asks for an apology, in tears. He says that whatever has happened, isn't because of him but because Anika blackmailed him. Shivaay is shocked to hear Anika's name and asks what she has done. Daksh lies that Anika forced him not to get married to Priyanka, else she shall release the video where Shivaay confesses about his parent's death. This reminds Shivaay about the video.

     Daksh continues that he ran away only for the sake of Priyanka's happiness and to save the reputation of the Oberoi's family. Shivaay is cheated into the belief that Anika is the culprit. As they are talking, Shivaay receives a letter and is told that it is in the name of Priyanka, written by Anika. Daksh panics as soon as he sees the letter as the truth behind him and Payal is written in it. He immediately tells Shivaay that Anika has purposely written a false accuse on him.

    He states that she is a woman of a bad character and only wants a rich guy. He further says that he had told her that he loves only Priyanka and shall not get married to anyone else. To that, he says that she was ready to be his mistress if not his wife. He confesses that he wasn't unconscious and he was after all pretending but to that, he states the reason that he did it only for the sake of Priyanka's happiness and the reputation of the Oberoi family.
    In Anika's house, Nikhil's mom arrives. She says that she has forgiven Anika and has let go of what happened during the engagement. She gifts Anika a dress and says that she wanted to see her in that dress for the marriage. After she leaves, everyone celebrates in happiness. Anika promises herself that even though her mom wasn't able to save her marriage, she definitely will take care of her relationship as when a marriage breaks, both the families are put to shame.
    I'm the Oberoi mansion, Daksh continues to convince Shivaay that he isn't at fault and pleads him to save Priyanka.


    At Anika's house, she is all dressed for the wedding in a beautiful dress.

    Her sister comes and showers praises on her beauty. She then puts a gold necklace around her neck. Anika asks whom it belongs to and Gauri replies that it is a gift from her. Anika is surprised and says that the necklace seems very expensive and precious. To that Gauri replies that it is not the necklace which is precious but her sister who is precious. She further says that she had prayed to God that Anika must get the best guy in the world as her soul mate who shall give her all the happiness in the world.
    In the hospital, Shivaay and Daksh come into Priyanka's room. Shivaay pleads Priyanka to wake up as he has fulfilled his promise of bringing Daksh to her. The doctor arrives and tells Shivaay that the chances of Priyanka coming out of coma are very less. Shivaay and his grandma are left in shock. The doctor also says that even though she comes out of coma, she shall not be able to recover completely. The most she can do is just breathe. Her grandma leaves the room in shock and tears. Daksh pretends to be deeply affected by the tragedy. Shivaay says that Priyanka has to get alright and she will do so.

     He says that he shall bring the best doctors in the world and help her recover. Daksh reminds Shivaay that Anika is the root cause for all this. Anika is happily getting married to Nikhil whereas Priyanka is fighting the battle between life and death. This persuades Shivaay to take revenge.
    Anika and Nikhil are in the marriage hall and the rituals are going on. Shivaay reaches the marriage hall immediately. Everyone is shocked to see him there. He comes up and to everyone's surprise, he asks Anika why she is getting married to someone else when she was she was in a relationship with him. Anika questions him about his statement and immediately tells Nikhil that he is lying. Shivaay continues to say that he apologizes for the fight that took place between them and now he shall break her marriage on behalf of her. To that, Nikhil asks Anika if she wanted to break the marriage. She swears that no such thing has happened and Shivaay is lying. Shivaay adds that they had spent many nights together and now she must not leave him. He, in his mind, says that he is ready to go to any extent to take revenge for what has happened to his sister.

    Precap: Shivaay drags Anika to a temple and says that she has to get married to him whether or not she is ready to. He ties the 'mangal Sutra' and puts the garland around her but just as she is about to put the garland to him,  he leaves the temple

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