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  • Thursday, 26 July 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 26th July 2018 Written Update "Priyanka's Accident Shivaay Accuses Anika"

    ISHQBAAAZ 26th July 2018 Written Update

                ISHQBAAAZ 26th July 2018 Written Update 
               "Priyanka's Accident Shivaay Accuses Anika"

    The episode begins with the Oberoi family being worried about Daksh and why he disappeared. Priyanka bursts into tears and asks her brothers to bring him back.

     Shivaay shouts at Tia and demands to know where Daksh is. She replies that she is equally clueless. Shivaay leaves in search of Daksh. At the door, the media barges in and questions him about why Daksh has run away from the marriage. When he is asked whether the reason is Priyanka's character being at fault, he raises his voice and says that this is their personal matter and no one must interfere in it. Just then, Anika walks out of the house. Her fake teeth fall off and Shivaay notices it. 

    ISHQBAAAZ REDUX 26th July 2018 Written Update 

    He calls her and she turns around. He gets to know that she is Anika but she runs away before he can say anything. He suspects that she is the cause for Daksh running away. However, Priyanka and Shivaay leave in search of him.
    Anika returns back to her house. Her aunt immediately shouts at her and blames her for getting involved in improper activities. Her sister tries to defend but her aunt does not stop. She says that she is a woman who is ready to do anything for money, along with sacrificing her self-respect. She also says that Nikhil shall not get married to her now.

    Anika replies that she can talk to Nikhil on her own. Nikhil arrives just in time and says there isn't anything left to talk.
    Oh the other hand, Tia reaches the basement and finds out that Payal and Anika have escaped. Priyanka and Shivaay constantly try to call Daksh but he doesn't pick up. Shivaay sees Priyanka's car and stops immediately. He finds her running in tears.

    In Anika's house, Nikhil shouts at her for leaving her engagement. She tries to explain that she had gone to save Priyanka and Payal's lives. She is blamed for being bothered about others lives rather than hers. Nikhil says that he is fed up with listening to Shivaay's name all the time.
    Back to the scene where Priyanka is in search of Daksh, she sees him running. She runs after him but she is suddenly hit by a car! She falls to the ground and Shivaay is shocked and speechless. He runs to her and tries to wake her up.

    Anika pleads with Nikhil to understand that she is not at fault. Her aunt keeps interrupting her by saying that she isn't good by character and that Nikhil's parents shall not agree to this marriage anymore.

    Anika tells Nikhil that she shall talk to his parents. She says that she is even ready to fall to their feet and ask for an apology for what she has done. Nikhil agrees but only on one condition. He says that she must not talk about Shivaay ever again, nor must she meet him ever again. He asks her if she agrees to it. She thinks for a minute and says that she agrees. She promises that she shall not talk about Shivaay or meet him ever again.
    Priyanka is rushed to the hospital and Shivaay pleads the doctor to save his sister. The doctor says that he shall try his best bit Shivaay shouts back saying that he must not only try but he must save his sister at any cost and he is ready to pay any amount of money for that. He sits on the ground at home,  in tears after Priyanka is admitted. He thinks of the times spent with him and how he had hoped for a bright future. He suddenly remembers how he had identified Anika. He decides that she is the cause for all this. He makes up his mind to take revenge on her and swears that she shall not be spared.

    Later, Rudra and Omkar are in tears and says that Priyanka hasn't gained consciousness even after two days. His grandma consoles them and says that she shall be perfectly alright. Shivaay says that his sister's marriage broke right in front of his eyes and she even met with an accident. He regrets that he could not do anything in any of these situations.

    PRECAP :

    Nikhil Breaks the Marriage and Leaves The Venue.Anika Asks Shivaay What he Get By defaming her.He Tries to Drag her But She Says No He Carries her on his Shoulder.

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