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  • Wednesday, 25 July 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 25th July 2018 Written Update "Anika Stops Marriage Shivaay Consoles Priyanka"

    Ishqbaaaz 25th July 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 25th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Anika Stops Marriage Shivaay Consoles Priyanka".

    The episode begins with Anika and Payal trying to set themselves free. Anika encourages Payal to try harder.
    In the Oberoi mansion, Priyanka and Shivaay get emotional as it is the day Priyanka shall be getting married. He embraces her with love. A dose of comedy is added when Omkar and Rudra see Shivaay hugging her and ask when he learned how to hug! The four people click a picture together with a smile.
    Priyanka arrives at the 'mandap',  all ready for the marriage. Tia comes to Shivaay and assures him that Daksh shall take good care of Priyanka.

    Ishqbaaaz Redux Written Update 25th July 2018

     He replies that he must do so and if he doesn't, he shall not be spared.
    Shivaay's grandmom performs a ritual to banish the evil eyes on Priyanka and safeguard her. Later, she gives Shivaay the salt which was used for the ritual and asks him to throw it away. Back to the place where Anika and Payal are tied up, Anika guesses that they are in the Oberoi mansion's basement. Just as they are struggling to free themselves, Shivaay comes into the basement to dispose of the salt. Anika hears a sound and immediately becomes quiet. 

    Shivaay uses a shovel to dig the mud in the basement and puts the salt there. He drops the shovel there and goes away without noticing the two ladies. As he goes away, Anika gets to know that it's him and shouts out his name. Shivaay turns back and just as he is about to see who called out to him, Rudra comes to call him and he goes away with him. Anika regrets being quiet. She then sees the shovel dropped by Shivaay and tries to reach it. After a long struggle, she manages to do so.

     As the rituals for the marriage are going on in the mansion, Anika and Payal try their best to set themselves free. Each time Payal loses hope, Anika fills courage in her and says that they have to stop the marriage at any cost. In the marriage hall, Daksh wickedly winks at Tia as things are going according to the way they planned.

    In the basement, Anika and Payal finally manage to set themselves free. They go up inside the mansion. Payal is happy that the marriage isn't over yet. She says that it's best to tell them all the truth now but Anika stops her. She says that stopping the marriage in front of everyone shall have a negative impact on their reputation and the bride and her family shall be blamed at the end of the day. Payal tells her that if they wait any longer, they shall be too late. Anika assures her that they shall not be late and she must do as she is instructed. She goes and brings a cloth and asks Payal to cover herself with it. Anika too covers herself with a veil. They take a few steps forward and lift up their veil slightly, only to let Daksh identify them. Daksh sees them and stops midway, shocked. Everyone asks him what happened and tells him not to stop as it is considered bad for the ritual. Daksh immediately makes up a plan and starts faking a cough. He pretends as though he isn't well and faints right away. Panic spreads everywhere and people rush towards him. Shivaay, Omkar, and Rudra pick him up and take him to a room. Rudra and Omkar run to call the doctor and Shivaay runs back to the mandap to console Priyanka. As soon as everyone exits the room, Daksh wakes up and locks the door from inside. A while later, Omkar and Rudra tell Shivaay that the room where Daksh was, is locked from inside. They all run towards the room and knock on the door hard but no one opens. Shivaay suspects that Daksh has run away. Priyanka is left in shock by what has happened.
    The episode ends with Anika being in relief that at least Priyanka's life is saved from being messed up and in contrast to that, Shivaay feels that his sister's life is messed up.

    Precap : Omkara-Rudra Stops Priyanka But She Says She Knows Where is Daksh.Priyanka Drives Rashly and Meet with an Accident.Shivaya gets Shock to See Priyanka on Road unconscious.

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