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  • Tuesday, 24 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 24th July 2018 Written Update" Daksh Locked Anika and Payal Shivaay Feels Strange"

    Ishqbaaaz 24th July 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaaz 24th July 2018 Written Update
    " Daksh Locked Anika and Payal Shivaay Feels Strange"

    Anika, still disguised as a cook, prepares sweets and brings them to the hall to distribute them. Priyanka, Om, and Rudra taste her sweets and appreciate her. Priyanka asks if she is married and to that, she replies that no one has been able to handle her beauty and hence, she is still single. Priyanka then says that it is said that if a bride holds the hands of an unmarried lady, she shall find her soulmate very soon. 

    ISHQBAAAZ Today Written Update

    She holds Anika's hand and says that the one who shall get married to her shall eat her laddus and enjoy them. Just then, Shivaay enters the hall and the two brothers ask her to distribute sweets to him as well. She goes towards him with the plate of sweets and Shivaay happens to choose a laddu and eats them. Priyanka and the two brothers burst out into laughter and narrate the incident which had taken place before Shivaay came. Embarrassed, Shivaay returns back the sweet. Priyanka, in a chuckle, says that what she said shall not turn out to be true and therefore, he may enjoy the sweet.

    Anika then goes in search of Payal. She enters a room and finds the Almira in which she had suspected that Payal is hidden. Just as she is about to open it, a security lady enters the room and questions Anika about what she is doing. She lies that she was in search of the sweet box. The lady shows her where the sweet boxes are kept and leaves the room. Anika then opens the Almira but to her surprise, Payal is not inside.

    In the other room, the Almira where she is trapped is kept and Payal struggles to break open the door. She finally manages to open and comes out of it. She runs out of the room immediately. Anika, still in search of Payal, enters the same room where Payal had just escaped from. She finds the Almira there but Payal isn't inside. Priyanka comes out of her room, with her phone in her hand. Payal too is nearby but they do not notice each other. Payal runs away to the hall. Priyanka spots Anika and calls her for some help. Anika decides that this is the right time to tell her the truth about Daksh. Just as she approaches her and is about to remove her disguise to reveal her identity, Tia walks in and calls out to Priyanka. Anika is frightened and remains in her disguise. Tia and Priyanka go into their room to select dresses. 
    Payal runs into the hall and finds Shivaay. As she runs towards him, Daksh catches hold of her, closes her mouth and drags her aside. Shivaay fails to notice her. Daksh takes her to the other room and hides her beside the bed. Anika enters the same room, unaware that Payal and Daksh are there. She takes out her glasses and fake teeth and sits down. Daksh sees her from the side of the bed and gets to know that it is Anika. She hears a sound from the corner and walks towards it. Just then, she sees Shivaay entering the room and she hides behind the table. As soon as Shivaay goes out, Anika goes back to where she had heard the sound. She is shocked when she finds Daksh and Payal beside the bed. Payal loses consciousness. As soon as Daksh sees Anika, he tries to escape from the room but Anika catches him. She tells him that she had given him 24 hours to tell Priyanka the truth but he didn't. She says that she shall now tell Shivaay the truth by herself. As she is talking, Tia secretly comes behind her and hits her on the head with a bat. Anika faints immediately. Tia scolds Daksh and tells him that he is fit to do none of the work. She warns him that no obstacle must come in between that would prevent her from marrying Shivaay. Daksh assures her that he shall take care of everything.
    Anika gains consciousness after a while and finds herself tied up in a dark room. She looks around and finds Payal too tied up beside her. She wakes her up and they both try to set themselves free.

    Back in the mansion, Shivaay's grandma arrives. He is very happy to see her. He tells her that he is very emotional at this point and he finds it difficult to let go of his sister, Priyanka. He adds that he feels as though someone who belongs to him is in trouble. His granny assures him that he is over thinking and he must bid goodbye to Priyanka with a smile and assures him that she shall be happily married.

    PRECAP :

    Tia Says Shivaay that She Knows How Protective he is for Priyanka She Assures Him That Daksh will Keep her Happy. Shivaay Tells her that he have to Otherwise He won't Leave Him.Daksh Gets shocked and Stops In between Phere Pandit tells Him This is AbhShagun to Stop In Between.

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