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  • Monday, 23 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 23rd July 2018 Written Update "Anika's Change Look to Enter Oberoi Mansion"

    Ishqbaaaz 23rd July 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaaz 23rd July 2018 Written Update "Anika's Change Look to Enter Oberoi Mansion"

    The episode begins with Anika chasing a truck, suspecting Payal to be in there. Unfortunately, the truck moves further and Anika is unable to catch up.

     Just in time, an auto arrives and she takes a ride in it to follow the truck. The truck reaches the Oberoi mansion. As Daksh orders the workers to unload the furniture in it, Anika hides behind a tree, spying on the activity. Just as an Almira is unloaded from the truck, Daksh asks the workers to take it easy as it is an antique piece. Anika suspects his caution for the Almira as it does not seem antique. Little does she know that Payal is trapped inside it. Payal struggles to set herself free as her hands and mouth are tied up.

    Ishqbaaaz 23rd July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

    Shivaay warns his worker, Khanna to make sure that Anika does not enter the mansion or come anywhere near it. Khanna agrees to his orders. A security check is put up in front of the mansion, to make sure the right people enter in. Anika decides that she has to go in somehow or the other. She comes up with a plan and approaches the mansion, disguised as a cook. Covering her face with a veil, she puts on a pair of glasses and sticks artificial bunny teeth, giving herself quite an unrecognizable look. 

    She stands in line with the others and waits for her turn. As her turn comes, the security guard does not permit her inside the house. She questions her about who she is. Frightened about being caught, Anika says that she has been appointed to make sweets for the wedding and she has come for the same reason. She fakes a local and funny accent in order to avoid being caught. When the security asks her to reveal her face, she refuses to do so by saying that she has a 'world famous' face and is exceptionally beautiful! Shivaay comes by and asks about what is going on. 

    The security lady reports that the woman has come to prepare sweets for the wedding but is refusing to show her face. Shivaay firmly states that anyone who refuses to show their face is not permitted to enter the house. Anika panics as she might not be allowed in. She quickly approaches Shivaay and tells him that if he wanted to see her, he may lift up the veil himself. Finding that a bad idea, he refuses to do so and asks her to go in. Happy that her plan worked, she says that she shall now cook the sweets also with her veil still on. Just as she steps forward, Shivaay stops her. He says that if she was so desperate for him to see her face, he was ready to lift up the veil. Anika is frightened again. She quickly makes up a plan and says that he wouldn't be able to handle her exceptional beauty and so, he must use a mirror to see the reflection of her face. Khanna tells Shivaay that he has a mirror in his pocket and he takes it out. Shivaay uses it and looks at the reflection. As soon as he spots her dirty bunny teeth, he looks away and just tells her to go in and start her work.
    On the other hand, Daksh tells Tia about how he kidnapped Payal and put her inside the Almira. Tia questions him if it is safe to keep her there, without getting caught. Daksh assures her that they won't get caught.
    Back in Anika's house, her fiance and his family are awaiting her. Her aunt is enraged as she is nowhere to be seen but Anika's sister says that she shall soon be back. The fiance's family gets up in anger and leaves the house saying that they have been waiting for a very long time but Anika is nowhere to be seen.
    Anika's fiance barges into the mansion and spots Shivaay. He shouts at him and says that he knows Anika is somewhere inside the house. Shivaay says that she isn't in there and also warns him never to raise his voice in the mansion again.
    In the Oberoi mansion, Anika enters a room, in search of Payal. It is a coincidence that she enters the same room where Daksh and Tia were having a conversation. They spot her tip-toeing inside and call out to her. She gives them the same answer that she is a cook. Tia comes forward to lift up her veil and just in time, Shivaay enters the room. He tells them that she is the cook. Anika tells them that she was in search of the kitchen.
    Shivaay shows her the way to the kitchen. On the way, she floods Shivaay with a number of questions about the people of the house. Shivaay suddenly asks her if she has been sent by Anika. Fear runs through her and she remains quiet. He warns her not to reveal any matters of the house to Anika. She readily agrees. Just then, Rudra comes to Shivaay and says that they all shall have a pink rose as a part of the dress code, in their pockets. As he is about to keep the rose in his pocket, he drops it by mistake but Anika catches it just in time.  The episode ends with her coming forward to put it in his pocket, secretly stealing a glance.

    PRECAP :

    Shivaay is On Call and Payal is About to To Reach But Daksh Stops her and Lock her inside the Cupboard Again.Anika Reaches the Cupboard.

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