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  • Thursday, 19 July 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 19th July 2018 Written Update"Shivaay Catches Anika In the House Shouts On her"

    ISHQBAAAZ 19th July 2018 Written Update

            ISHQBAAZ 19th July 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 19th July 2018 Written Update"Shivaay Catches Anika In the House Shouts On her,"

    Ishqbaaz episode starts with Priyanka asks Shivaay about his move to badly treat Anika and throwing her out of the house. He reminds her what he means to her. He ends the discussion and asks Priyanka never to get Anika home.
    Omkara feels the reason is something big, else Shivaay would not have reacted this way. 


    They decide to find out the matter. Daksh thinks whatever he has done can’t change now, and Anika will never come back into their lives. He gets happy to win. Anika’s aunt gets angry at losing the shelter once again. She asks Anika what wrong did she do that Shivaay has kicked her out. Anika hides the matter from the family and promises to manage the expenses. Gauri asks Anika about the problem. Anika doesn’t feel like answering Gauri. She hides her sorrow and tears. She doesn’t know why Shivaay made her out.

    Shivaay tells his brothers that they have to manage all the pre-wedding functions on their own. Omkara asks Shivaay the reason for ousting Anika. Shivaay doesn’t reveal anything to them.

    Anika remembers Shivaay’s words to get clue of the misunderstanding. She doesn’t understand why Shivaay got so angry and didn’t even give her a chance to clarify. 

    She decides to caution Priyanka by revealing Daksh’s truth to her. Priyanka gets busy in selecting her outfit and takes help from Tia. Shivaay doesn’t let Anika reach Priyanka. He answers Anika’s call and takes the phone with him. Anika understands that it isn’t easy to talk to Priyanka. She seeks help from Khanna and goes to meet Priyanka. She misses to meet Priyanka.

    Tia brings Priyanka holding her hands down from the stairs there in party hall everyone is astounded after seeing Priyanka. Shivaay gets emotional then Priyanka asked to save some tears for the farewell "bidayi" that's remaining now and she posed to Shivaay to smile. Rudra interrupted in a funny manner saying mauka Bhi hai Kasur bhi...then Omkara corrected him saying he means dastur bhi......then Rudra announced to have fun and play the dhols. Everybody started dancing in between Tia asked shivaay to bring the veil Priyanka wore at the function of engagement as Mom is saying so.Shivaay said that I will bring it might it will be in Priyanka's room
    There Anika is roaming in the room trying to contact with Priyanka so she planned to pen down the truth of Daksh to expose Daksh and his conspired plans to Priyanka and she started writing ...Shivaay is heading towards Priyanka's room and caught Anika their until Anika hid the letter also Shivaay asked Anika what she is doing here even when he has stated her not to be back to his house even after she was thrown out of the house insultingly. Anika pleaded to Shivaay that she came to inform Priyanka about Daksh but Shivaays stopped Anika by warning her not to speak a single word against Daksh.

    Shivaay told Anika that she has cheated him and Priyanka by having affair with Daksh and now she wants to break Priyanka's relation with Daksh so she was blaming, again and again, Daksh and pretended that his good she is and she sis this to enter in Oberoi's Shivaay insulted Anika by saying that she is most mean and fraud and very canny...but Priyanka is very innocent she doesn't know about how clever and mean you are.... But Shivaay stated that He understands everything very clear and his first perception was right for her that she is a cheap and mean lady. Anika interrupt Shivaay saying that He is taking wrong to her but Shivaay scolded her saying No I flowed once in your dramatic tears but not this time I get you very right. Shivaay asked Anika to leave otherwise he will call the security and this time don't get back again and not to show her face again. Anika tried to calm down Shivaay that he is not getting her right. Shivaay said to her she is a poor girl with poor mentality because her upbringing is not good. Anika warned shivaay not to point her upbringing and think once again while saying something whatever you have seen watched thought is not always true and correct.
    Anika leave the room and next day she wonders that did Priyanka read the letter or not.  Anika met khanna and asked him his was the function of Priyanka she get to know that every thing is good in the mansion it means Priyanka hadn't read the letter so finally she went to payal's house she asked payal to talk but Payal refused to talk and get busy on a call Anika found a maternity report on Payal's desk so she collected the report from the hospital without informing to anyone secretly but she found that Payal is pregnant. Other hand Shivaay asked Khanna where that girl is khanna took Shivaay along with him to his locality. Their Anika get back to Payal with the reports and asked her whether this baby is of Daksh . Payal get dumbbed and stared crying saying yes this is Daksh baby and now Dakah is avoiding  her .Their Anika requested Payal to expose Daksh and this pregnancy to Priyanka for everyone's sake.

    PRECAP :

    Priyanka Gets Anika's Letter.Daksh Reaches at Payal's House and Throw her on the Floor.Anika is on Call with Payal and Gets Panicked when She Hear Her Scream.

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