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  • Wednesday, 11 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 11th July 2018 Written Update "Anika-Shivaay in Each-Other Arms Shivaay Gets Angry On Anika"

    Ishqbaaaz 11th July 2018  Written Update "Anika-Shivaay in Each-Other Arms Shivaay Gets Angry On Anika".

    In the starting of episode Anika keeps the engagement rings near Durga Maa and apologizes for stealing them.But she says that she will keep them back at their place as the engagement will be eluded.

    As she is about to leave Shivaay comes there.He feels something strange in her behavior but doesn't pay attention and moves ahead.

    Om and Rudra laughs while watching Tia hugging Shivaay.When Tia asks them to explain their reas3 of laughing they said they will show it to her.Rudra goes and hugs Shivaay and says he just wanted to love him.Then Om goes to Shivaay and too hugs him hard and says that after watching Rudra  hugging him he couldn't stop.Shivaay flares up at that.Rudra and Om starts teasing Shivaay.It creates a funny moment among them. Shivaay got fed up and left.

    Anika enters in black saaree.The song tu jaane na plays.Shivaay frozes after watching her.She slips into Shivaay's arms.
    Accidentally they hug each other.Om and Rudra were surprised to see Shivaay hugging someone.

    Daadi reaches there and asks to start the function.She said to Shivaay to bring the engagement rings.Daadi told them that those rings were kept in puja by guruji so these rings can presolve their upcoming problems.Shivaay comes there.Daadi opened the ring box but discovered both the rings missing.Everybody was shocked.She asks Shivaay Where the rings are.He said that he kept them in cupboard and now himself brought them.Daadi asks him to find them.

    Shivaay leaves by saying he is going to check in his room again

    Shivaay went to his room and tried to search the rings but he couldn't find them anywhere.Shivaay returned but suspected the expression on Anika's face.He gave confidence to everyone that the engagement is surely going to happen .
    Shivaay warned Anika and asked her not do create any obstacle in Priyanka's wedding.
    Daksh misbehaved with Anika and said that she is being too much desperate for him. He knew that she hide the engagement rings.Anika warned him and said him to leave otherwise she will slap him so hard that the sound is going to echo for 3 days in Oberoi mansion.And asked him to stop dreaming about his marriage with Priyanka as she will not let it happen even in his dreams and leaves.
    Shivaay was back with the rings.But he didn't told anyone that Anika steal them.But he said that he kept them in temple and forgot.Daadi asked them to start the engagement otherwise they will be late for the muhrat.Priyanka asked about Anika Om told that he saw her going towards Outhouse.Priyanka and Daksh put ring in each other's fingers.

    Shivaay left for Anika's house.But was shocked to discover her marriage fixation.He said with trembling voice that he need to talk to her and went out.

    Precap:Anika requests Shivaay to break Priyanka's marriage as Daksh is not a good guy.but his reply shows that Shivaay is upset with  Anika's marriage fixation.

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