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  • Friday, 6 July 2018

    Ishita Gives Raman Back Massage Ishita checks Raman's Phone Cute Ishra Moments Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBB

    Segment Start After Scene where Raman Slept on the Couch and He had A Massive Back pain But He showed in front of his Family that he was Okay and Made excuses But Ishita Took Him But He again Makes Excuses.

    Scene Start with Ishita Drags Raman with him and She tells him That Go to Bed She Will Apply Balm on his Back But He Says He Already did She Says Don’t lie You didn’t otherwise it Smells and I don’t get any Smell.

    He gives up and Lay down on the bed and shouts in pain.
    She Massages his Back and Takes out Balm and Applies Slowly on that Area.
    He Clutches the Pillow in the pain But Starts relaxing when He Feels Ishita’s hand and Massages from her hand.
    He Slowly Drifts to Sleep and After some massage, She Slowly takes his Phone and Stands Up and She tries all her Luck But Can’t Open the Lock.

    She wants to Check if he still Keeps her photos or not Just then Raman Opens his eyes and Sees Her Checking His Phone.
    He Stands up and Snatches His Phone Back and taunts her that You were checking My Phone she tries to say but He Says don’t start Your Spying again on me.

    Ishita Says Nothing and Both leave for their respective work.
    Ell Something is better then Nothing and this something Small Moments are Treat for Ishra Fans.
    Stay tune in for more updates and must watch this segment

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