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  • Friday, 8 June 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 8th June 2018 Episode Written Update"Kartik is Naira's New Neighbour "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 8th June 2018 Episode Written Update"Kartik is Naira's New Neighbour "
    Kartik and Naira have a cute moment in the library. Kartik asks her not to pull his hair and take revenge. She tells him that she would have not spared him if she decided such. 

    The broker shows the flat to Suwarna and asks her to decide soon. She fails to see Naitik in the background, when he celebrates Naira’s admission and distributes the sweets to the neighbors. Manish learns about the same apartment Suwarna is selecting for Kartik and gets happy that destiny is defining Kartik and Naira’s union again. Naksh doesn’t wish to talk to Naira, though he misses her. Kirti gets upset thinking about the past. Naksh doesn’t want to plan a child soon. Kirti wants his decision to change. Naitik consoles Kirti. He understands Naksh’s annoyance with him and Naira.

    He tells Kirti that he is more needed by Naira at this time, even Naira isn’t happy. He feels he is failing to be a good father, as his children aren’t happy. Kirti motivates him and talks positive. She tells him that he has always taught them the right things. She asks him to share his worries with her, they will manage everything soon.

     He thanks her for bring a friend. Naitik wishes to go home for some day to cheer up Naksh’s mood. He doesn’t want to lose Naksh. Kartik and Naira get their books from the library. Kartik takes the books from her. Naira follows him to get the book back. She finds him talking to Suwarna and steps back. She doesn’t want to show her face to Suwarna.

    Suwarna tells Kartik that she has finalized the flat for him. She gives him the address. Kartik obeys her and decides to shift the same day. Naitik gets busy helping Kritika. Suwarna sends Kartik’s stuff for his homely stay. She doesn’t want anyone to trouble Kartik. Manish gets happy knowing Suwarna has finalized Naira’s apartment. Kritika misses out friends. She checks Kartik’s belongings sent by Suwarna. Naira asks her not to see someone’s things without permission. She fails to see Kartik’s luggage.

    Kartik reaches the same building. There is another hit and miss between Kartik and Naira. He settles in the flat. He doesn’t want to think of Naira. Kartik and Naira share the same roof and don’t get aware of each other. The hits and misses continue. A towel flies off from Naira’s balcony and reaches Kartik. He uses the towel and leaves from there, before Naira reaches the pool side to get the towel back. Kritika helps Naira and tells her about the new guy who shifted to the building. Kartik plays loud music and sinks in wine to forget his sorrow. Naira gets angry and goes to ask for the towel. Kartik and Naira meet, and realize that they are residing at the same place.

    PRECAP : Kartik tells Naira that he didn't come behind her She Says I know when i Asked you to come you didn't come.They decide not to tell their Parents anything.

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