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  • Friday, 1 June 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 1st June 2018 Episode Written Update"Naira-Kartik Bump Into Each Other Ego Clashes"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 1st June 2018 Episode Written Update"Naira-Kartik Bump Into Each Other Ego Clashes"

    Kartik Wakes Up with Suwarna’s Phone and She tells him Sorry to wake him up Like this She talks about College and Kartik remembers About His Face off with Naira.

     He tells her that he Doesn’t want to Take Lecture He About to Talk About Naira But Suwarna gets Intruppts between their call and He Remembers Funeral Days and He leaves the Topic in Between and comes out of Bed and He gets Din’s Message.
    Naira is Sitting Near the Pool and Her Legs are in the water Sudhir Her Neighbour comes and He About to Sit But Slips Naira tells him to take care .

    He Says Thanks and Gives her Some forms She asks what is this He talks to Himself that I wish this could be Love Letter but he tells Naira that I Heard You didn’t like Imperial College so this is College list.
    Naitik comes with Chitti who Says I heard Imperial College is So good and Facilities are Good Too Sudhir asks You didn’t Like college or Professors.

    She Remembers Face of with Kartik Naitik Interrupts that Whatever her Decision I will Support her Sudhir tells her to Join His College He can tell About Facility She Says No Need I want to Study with My Heart.
    She Receives a message that For TC she has to come to College.
    At College
    Kartik and Naira are Passing through to Same Gate and They collide and Their forehead Bump Each Other Both Look at Each Other One Professor comes and asks Kartik are you Okay Naira Apologies But Professor Says Don’t need to be Sorry you Both Hurt Each Other.

    Kaira looks at each Other.
    Professor Says You both are at Fault Kartik Says How can you be so sure Sometime People Hurt other Intentionally Naira Says He is Right.
    Kartik Goes with Professor.
    Manish is thinking about How to Stop Suwarna and He Hears Some Ladies are warning Suwarna that this will be Bad Luck for Family if you travel in two days She Decides not to go and Manish is happy with this.
    Kartik is talking with the Same Professor Just then Naira knocks and asks for come-in Professor tells her to come to Kartik is uncomfortable he takes his coffee naira stands Beside him and Thinks No Effect on his sitting with Proudly in office.
    Kartik thinks Same that She has No Effect of our Meeting Attending Class and Enjoying College.
    Professor asks Naira what happened She tells I will come later Kartik gets Angry and Naira Leaves He thinks She came to complain about me and Seeing me here She decided to come later.
    She comes out and Fumes that May be throwing me Out of this College How can he do this I won’t leave this college Because of him She Tore the Letter and throws I Dustbin.

    There Kartik thinks he will teach here he takes Timetable of His Classes.
    There at One lady is Sitting with Suwarna who is Writing A Check and that lady talks about Kartik-Naira’s Divorce Suwarna Glares at her and She Leaves Suwarna remembers After Funeral how She was Crying and Kartik was consoling her and He went to bring water for her and She received Naira’s So Many Calls On Kartik’s Phone She Cuts Call But
    She Attends One Call In Which Naitik Says to talk with Naira once.
    She Gets Hurt to remember about Naira.
    In The Class Naira and Tanvi Meet and Tanvi gives Copy to Naira and Tanvi is So Happy that Kartik will take their 1st Lecture She Seems So Excited and Wants to seat on 1st Bench Other Girls are Excited too Naira Gets Surprised and Decided to Leave and will attend from tomorrow.
    She about to go out Without Looking at up She Collided with Kartik Both Look at each Other and He goes inside Naira Stands At Door.
    Kartik Start with You was thinking That I won’t come today So I am sorry for yesterday and Somone want to go out he/she can go after that he doesn’t want any disturbance.
    Naira looks at him and comes inside the Class. Tanvi Drags her to the 1st bench.

    Singhania House.
    Devyani tells Keerti to sing a song on the time of Pooja They All Remember Kaira while Signing “Pyar Mil Jaaye”
    There Kartik Starts His Classes in Between his Lecture he Taunts Naira By Saying Love is Not Forever and this Goes On and On Related to Naira.
    Naira is just looking at Him and He is Making eye contact with her time to time. Tanvi Praises him and his anger Kartik Goes to Board and Writing Something.
    Kunal Secretly takes Naira’s Phone and turn on the ringtone and call on her phone Her Phone Buzzed Loud and Kartik Looks Back and She looks at her phone he shouts On her what is this Naira Goenka..
    Tanvi corrects him that Her Name Is Naina Singhania He thinks you have Changed so Many Things Naira.

    PRECAP : Naira Sees 'Kaira' written on one Bench in between Heart She gets upset and Stands up to leave Bench about to Fall But Kartik Holds from other Side and He too See Same Kaira and They Look at each-other

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