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  • Friday, 22 June 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2018 Episode Written Update"Raman-Romi's Argument Ishita's Plan to Secure roshni"

    The Episode starts with Raman comes home after Meeting with Ishita. All Family Members ask about Roshni. Raman makes Excuses and Says Roshni liked Pihu’s handwritten card, she wants another one, Pihu will you make it. ? Pihu replies yes. Raman asks Ruhi to help her. They go inside the Room After that Raman tells Everyone that Roshni won’t come, Ishita refused to Let her come She thinks Roshni’s baby isn’t safe here after the Attacks and Whatever Happened with her. 

     Mrs. Bhalla asks what will we do now.this is all Because of You and Romi She cries Raman  promises her that Roshni will come here. But She Cries That Roshni won’t come here now, we  have lost Adi and will now lose his child too.
    Inside Romi and Mihika’s Room: 
    Romi is Angry and He tells Mihika that He wants the papers to get loan for house, He wants to leave from here soon.

     Mihika tries to Calm her down She tells Him That Raman and you had fights before too, don’t do this. Romi says I need your support, I can’t live Here.if that Orphanage lady tells about our house state, we won’t get a child, pray that we get loan and our own house. Mihika tells him that She hopes everything gets sorted.

    Ishita talks to Herself while Cooking In Kitchen that Raman will get Adi’s baby any way I have to Make Sure Roshni will Be Safe in My Absense I can’t keep an eye on Roshni all the time, 
    She quickly calls and asks do you keep CCTV camera. 
    The bank manager asks Romi What Property You have on You Name He tells Him That I have Small company and Share on My Name Bank Manager tells Him to Arrange a Guarantor too Romi is In fix condition. 

    At Bhalla House 
    Raman comes Home with Lawyer Dhruv. He tells Everyone that I am Giving One of My Company’s 51% Share to Roshni’s Child Name So That Ishita will Be Convinced that Roshni’s Future will be Secure. Roshni will be guardian till child gets 18 years old. 
    Mr. Bhalla asks how can you give 51 % shares. Raman says its another company started by me and Romi. When he was doing Nothing I Started So that he can Manage. Lawyer says Romi has to sign on the papers. Mr. Bhalla is Doubtful on Romi But. Raman says he is my brother, he will agree.
    Mani and Shagun come to Ishita’s house to Apologies but shita tries to avoid them.  Mani tells  Ishita That Shagun accepted her mistake and just wants to apologize. Ishita tells Them that’s She Doesn’t want Roshni to take More Stress they Go inside and  . Shagun apologizes to Roshni.
    Shagun Says to her that She is really sorry. Roshni replies with tears in eyes that I did mistake, but the baby is not at fault, its your son’s baby and needs blessings. Shagun says I promise he will get everyone’s love, She Says Sorry Again. Mani thanks Ishita. He says Shagun you need to apologize to someone else too.

     Raman tells lawyer to get papers ready, he will get Romi’s signs.

    Shagun and Mani meet Aaliya at a cafe. Aliya is Angry She tells Shagun that shouldn’t meet for some days. 
    Shagun tries to stop  her. Aaliya Tells her that  I m not annoyed, but everyone is angry, they won’t forgive you Easily.
    Shagun says I will come and apologize. Aaliya says no, give them some time. Shagun thanks and hugs her. Aaliya says promise you won’t do this again. Shagun promises. 
    Ishita calls the Person and and asks Him Timing for installing the cameras. Ruhi comes and says I got tiffin for Roshni. Ishita asks Ruhi to come in. A man comes From CCTV Shop and Ishita tells Him where she wants the Camera He says fine, it will be done today. 

    Ruhi asks Ishita why are you getting CCTV fixed. Ishita says I can’t take chance whatever Happened I want 24 hours surveillance, its good the man took marking, camera will be installed till evening. Ruhi thinks Ishita is so much worried. 
    Romi comes Home and Apologies Raman tells Him That’s Ok Raman Gives Paper to Him and Tells Him to Sign.Romi gets Shocked to See the Papers.he says I don’t Sign on this File.

    Raman asks Him Why This is for Adi and Roshni’s Son, Mr. Bhall Also Tries to Make Him Understand
    That Whenever You Need anything we helped You Now Its Your Turn Sign the File
    But Romi gets Angry and He Shouts On All That You all are Chanting Roshni Adi and Son What About Me.?

    He Shouts On Raman that You care for your Family and Your Adi’s Family what About us. aren’t we your family.?
    Mrs. Bhalla also tries to Talk with Romi He shouts On her that Enough is Enough Leave Me Alone and HE Leaves For His Room.

     Romi calls Mani and asks for his help, He Tells Him that He Needs a house and for that a guarantor. He says no one listens to me, everyone is just after Roshni and Ishita. 
    Mani says listen don’t take me wrong, I have to talk to Raman first, if he says I should help you, I promise I will help. Romi ends call. He says I will take loan from market and do anything to get the house. Mihika asks where are you going. Romi says I will get loan anyway, to hell with Raman and those Share and papers. He goes. Ruhi asks Mihika what was he saying. Paramlooks on. He comes to Simmi and hugs. She says you went to get movie tickets. He says our life will have fun, Raman is going to give us money. She asks why. He says we will be kidnapping Roshni now. She gets shocked.


    "Param Kidnaps Roshni"

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