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  • Thursday, 21 June 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2018 Episode Written Update "Ishita takes Roshni Back Raman is Angry"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2018 Episode Written Update "Ishita takes Roshni Back Raman is Angry.
    "The Episode starts with Aaliya comes and asks Shagun You did all this She tells to Shagun that Roshni is here because I Gave my permission. Shagun Replied to Her no need to become like Ishita, Roshni will snatch everything from you, she already snatched Ad from you. 

    Pihu comes with Roshni and asks Shagun Mumma Why are you shouting. Ruhi sends Pihu to play games. Shagun gets Angry and comes to Roshni and Holds her by Shoulder and asks Roshni How Shameless you are, this baby is illegitimate, how did You come here, You ruined Aaliyah's life. Ishita says enough, don’t say a word against Roshni She tells that the relation can be illegitimate But not the baby, She did Nothing wrong She didn’t ruin anyone’s House. 

    Shagun shouts enough and holds Roshni Hard Everyone gets Shocked with Shagun’s Burst of Anger.Aaliya asks Shagun to stop it Say Sorry to Roshni and leave from here. She asks Mani to take Shagun Back. Aliya goes to Roshni and says sorry, She Says She will Bring water you will be feeling dehydrated. Ruhi follows Aliya and Apologies to her for blaming her, Also Praises her that What is she doing No one Can do also She need Shagun and She ust Went against Shagun.Aaliya Replies I did what I felt right. Ruhi tells her you are Great But Aaliya says I m not great, I did what’s better for the family and baby. Roshni overhears them. 

    Aaliya thinks this is Adi’s child and His Last Sign too I will snatch him from Roshni. 
    Mehandi Girls apologize to Ishita. They try to Touch Ishita’s Feet ,Ishita says money can be earned by respectable work too, we are leaving you but just don’t do such things again. Both Girls Leave. Param claps and He says this is good, He tells Raman To Give Phone Back He Gets His and Simmi’s Phone and Taunts Raman That you came to our room and snatched our phone thinking Simmi and I did this, but Culprit is Shagun won’t you call police now. Where is Your and Ishita’s Principle Now. Raman asks him to stop it this is their Family Matters.

    Romi says Raman to That Why Why Don’t Interfere He is saying right, Why Always Blame him You Got Arrested him So Many Times Raman says I know Romi you are upset with me Because of that Lady but I will make things fine. Romi says I don’t want anything from you even I don’t Want Big Brother of min. He gets arguing with Mr. Bhalla and Raman. He says Simmi was doing right she was not wrong she was asking for share, she is right, You cant ask anything in this House we need to Snatch in this house. Mihika asks him to stop it. Romi says Raman throws anyone out of the house, He Just Announces His Order to Everyone. Mr. Bhalla asks him to stop the nonsense. Raman asks are you insulting Papa for Param. Romi says no, I will support Param, do anything if that shameless girl Roshni who is Carrying an illegitimate child can live here then can’t Simmi and I ask for our share,  
    Aliya Hears the Voice and they come out and Hear everything. Ishita Looks at Roshni and asks why are you here Roshni Cries in front of ishita and asks Ishita to take her Back Ruhi tells This is not what you think they always Fight Like this But Roshni cries that I Know they hate Me I am Culprit I can’t Stay here. Ishita tries to Calm her down Roshni says no, this place isn’t right for baby, they are calling the baby illegitimate, I can’t tolerate this, She tells Ishita That You taught me to protect the child, I m doing this, I want to go home. Ishita says okay just calm down. She Cups her Face and tells her to Relax they are Going and No One will Stop. Param and Simmi are happy others are shocked.
    Raman asks For Tea and Gets angry seeing burnt parathas. Mihika tells Him That She will make Mrs. Bhalla comes with One Clothe Tied Around her Head and She Keeps Balm on Table and Raman who is Angry he about to Mrs. Bhalla Taunts Him That You too Go from here Raman Stops and Looks back at her.. Raman asks her not to cry. She asks him to get Adi’s baby for her. She cries hard Everyone tells her not to Cry Raman tells her what You want that will happen I will bring Her Back.
    Roshni is Not Eating and Ishita Says I have Something to Cheer you Up That is Meditation I come with Pen Drive.
    Raman comes But Ishita doesn’t Allow Him to Enter in the House Ishita says I understood you and sent Roshni, flash mob and godh bharai looked good But what matter is People’s Intention whatever Shagun did with her, can you change anyone thinking. He asks are you Sure what are you Saying can you take someone’s behavior’s guarantee. She says I just want her to be here, So I can take care of her, sorry But I can’t help you. She shuts the door on his Face and He says fine if you are stubborn then I m also stubborn, let's see who wins. 
    Shagun tries Aliya’s Call But She is Not Picking Up her call. Mani says you tried to harm Adi’s child, it's our child too, how could you do this. Shagun says I Just wanted scare Roshni its Adi’s child, its Aaliya’s happiness, I couldn’t tolerate, I was really upset. Mani tells Shagun to go and Apologies Bhallas Not me. Roshni Asks How Raman Uncle went easily, I felt he wanted to take me back, Ishita Looks at her She tells That Raman Uncle doesn’t give up so easily, you don’t give up easily either. Ishita says no, I won’t give up So Easily he has left, don’t worry. He won’t take You Back I am With You. ishita goes from there and says Roshni is right, Raman won’t give up easily, I won’t let Roshni go to Bhalla house, even if I have to stand against Raman. She is Determined that Roshni won’t go there 

    PRECAP :

    Ishita says Raman will get this baby anyway. Raman Tells Romi to Sign on paper because they want to Give finicial Security But Romi Says he won't Sign Raman asks Him why  Romi says sorry, I don’t want to give shares to Roshni’s baby

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