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  • Sunday, 10 June 2018

    Raman-Romi's Fight Raman Tells Romi to Respect Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBAS 10th June Video WU

     Raman-Romi's Fight Raman Tells Romi to Respect Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBAS 10th June Video and Written Update

    Segment Start After Raman and Ishita Saves Roshni Again and Makes Sure Ruhi, Aliya and Mihika are taking care of her.

    Raman comes out of Room in Guilt that He is not able to fulfill his promise to take care of Roshni Just Then Romi comes from somewhere and Raman talks to Him over something and He tells Him not to create More problem for them already they are Facing so many Problems.

    Romi Gets Furious and He Says That Bhai You are Saying me not to create Problem Its You who get Drunk and shouts, It's You who Broke Things, It's You who Create Problem in House.
    Raman gets shocked to Listen to all this He tells Romi to listen to him But Romi jerks His Hands Raman gets Furious Now He takes Romi’s Hand and Tells Him Do you want to Hit me Then Hit Romi and Raman shout on Each-Other and Seeing Them Fighting Ishita Reaches and Stops Raman and tells them to Calm down.

    She asks Romi what is going On…Romi Points finger on her and tells her to Stay away from their Family matters.
    Raman Tells Him that he will Break his Hand if he tries to Misbehave with Ishita.
    Ishita Stops Raman But Both Romi and Raman are not in the state to Listen anybody Just then One lady who already seen the Fight Calls Romi’s Name.

    Romi Goes to her and She tells that I don’t think that After Seeing You fight its Good to give you Baby from Orphanage.
    Raman and Ishita both are listing this and lady leaves Romi Stunned She leaves from there and Raman comes Out disappointed and Ishita follows him.

    He Sits on One Chair and Ishita is Standing Near him assuring him That She is There for him.
    Will they Finish their difference and reunite with Family?Will they able to Caught Attacker and Punish Him?

    What will Romi Do now Will He get Baby  ?Stay Tune in for All the Answers and Must watch this Segment

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