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  • Thursday, 28 June 2018

    Raman Confronts Ishita and Ishita Blurts Truth To Raman Yeh Hai Mohabbatein UMT 28th June Video WU

    Raman Confronts Ishita and Ishita Blurts The Truth Yeh Hai Mohabbatein UMT 28th June Video and Written Update

    Segment Start with Shantanu at Ishita’s Apartment and Ishita is Pacing here to There and Roshni tells her to Be Relax She Says You are Taking this Lightly and You don’t Know Raman he will Blast His Anger on Us.This is So Big Blunder and I don’t Know What will Raman do.

    Roshni’s Interview: Shantanu came to Help Us But He Did Blunder By His Statement that This is His Child and Now After this Raman uncle Won’t Leave us and Ishita Maa Knows Raman’s Anger Lets See what we will do.

    On-Screen Ishita is Not Leaving Roshni for a Second She is Giving Her Water and telling her to Stay Inside the House Because She gets a call from the Bank and for that She has to leave Roshni Assures Her that She will Be Okay.
    In her Interview, Roshni tells How This is Plan By Raman Uncle So That He can Execute His Plan He came After Ishita Maa went to Bank.

    On Scene When Ishita went Raman comes and takes Roshni to Hospital for DNA test and When Ishita comes to Know This She rushes to Hospital where Raman Not Allows her to Meet Roshni.

    He tells her that He wants DNA Test to Prove That She is carrying Adi’s Child Ishita tries to pass Him But He Holds her By Shoulder and Pushes her.
    She Gets Angry and Confesses that This is Adi’s Child You don’t anything More Shantanu Lied in Court Me and Roshni didn’t Know That he will do Something Like this.
    She Again tries to Go But Raman Stops Her She Cries and Raman let her Go But He Recorded All This and Will Show In The Court Where Shantanu and Ishita will Be Proved Lair and Judge will Scold Ishita and She will confess that She wanted to Secure Roshni because of Recent Attacks on Her.

    Judge will ask Roshni With whom She wants to Live and She will Put a condition that She wants Ishita Maa to Live with her in Bhalla House and Raman will Accept this Condition.
    We will Update Soon With Next Story on Roshni and Ishita

     Stay Tune in for More Updates and Must watch this Segment

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