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  • Thursday, 14 June 2018

    Param Kidnapped Roshni Ishita Gets Panicked Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June Video WU

    Param Kidnapped Roshni Ishita Gets Panicked Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June Video and Written Update 

    Segment Start with Ishita is Going Out of House and She tells Roshni to Take Care at Hosue Roshni comes to Door to Lock Ishita tells her three-four times to Lock the door and Roshni Says Yes and She closes the Door.

    After some time someone rings the Bell and Roshni Look through the hole but That Person’s Face is Hidden Behind the Camera box, Roshni asks who is outside?
    He Tells That Cameraman to Fit the CCTV. Roshni Opens the Door and Param who is in Disguise Look Has Mustache and Mole on His Face Covers Himself in Camera Box and He Puts Camera Boxes on The Table.

    Meanwhile, Roshni who has Still unaware of Param’s Face is Doing Something Param Gets the right time and he comes from Behind with Chloroform in Hankercheif Catches her Face in His Hand and He Pressed Hankercheif on her nose and She gets Smell and Faints.

    He Makes her Sit on the Table and Takes out Another handkerchief which has ‘R’ Written On and he throws on the Floor.
    Scene Change to Aftermath where Ishita comes to House and Gets Shocked Not to find Roshni anywhere In the House.
    She calls Raman and asks if Roshni is with Bhallas at Their House But He Says No She is not here any problem.

    Ishita Lies No Problem and Just Then She Sees Hankercheif with word “R” and She Remembers that This is Romi’s Handkerchief.

    What will Ishita do Now Will She Blame Romi? Stay tune in for more updates and Must Watch this Segment.

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