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  • Monday, 11 June 2018

    Naitik Gets Faint to See Kartik at College Naira Rushes to Help Him Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai UMT 11th June Video WU

    Naitik Gets Faint to See Kartik at College Naira Rushes to Help Him Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai UMT 11th June Video and Written Update

    Segment Start with Naira is Late for College and She comes to down in her Building where She collides with Kartik and They have Tashan for the taxi But Naira Leaves In Hurry and She Forgets to Keep her Id Card and She comes to College.

    At the College, Gate Watchmen Stops her and She is Afraid that She will Miss the Class That Naitik Her Saviour comes again with ID Card and He gives her ID card and Her thanks Him and comes inside the College and She runs Quickly to her Class.

    There Kartik is Also Running Late for Class So While Taking with Principle he is Watching His Watch in every Minute.
    Naitik who is Still At College gate Drinking Sugarcane Juice Sees Kartik is Going Somewhere with File in His Hand and He quickly concludes that he is Professor in the College and This is the Main Reason why Naira took Decision to leave the College.
    He gets Dizzy and Falls down But Some People Hold him and Take him to Near By Bench and Someone Call Naira who comes to There Quickly and Gets Panicked to See Naitik Semi-conscious But Naitik tells her not to worry.

    He confronts her About Kartik and She tells Him that he is Her Professor.
    Kartik’s Interview: He Narrates Full Scene How Kaira Collided At Building for a taxi then Class Tashan Where He Asked Her Question and She Run Away Now its Clear That She Run from Class to Her Father who Saw me got Fainted at College Door.

    Now, this is All Happened and I Reported To Principle about Naira’s Behavior Because I already told in Class that I won’t tolerate But I didn’t know this happened.
    Kartik continues that Naitik Knows Now But he is not the person who will tell everyone and From My Side, Manish Ji is the whole Planner and Keerti is also with Him So Now This is Slowly Slowly will Reveal to the Family Members.
    Naira’s Interview: She tells That Soon you will See So Many Twist and Turns and She too Narrates the Story how she Forgets her Id and Naitik came to Give her and this Revealed to Naitik That Kartik is Professor What will Happen when he come to Know he is New Neighbour.

    We will wait for this Revealation Stay Tune In and Must Watch this Segment

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