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  • Thursday, 14 June 2018

    Naira-Kartik To Play Veeru-Basanti's Gun Scene From Sholey at Fresher Party SBS 14th June Video WU

     Naira-Kartik To Play Veeru-Basanti's Gun Play From Sholey at Fresher Party SBS 14th June Video and  Written Update.
    Segment Start with Fresher’s Party Scene where Kartik and Naira are Playing Iconic Role Veeru and Basanti from Film Sholey.

    They Start Their Play Where Kartik (Veeru) is Teaching Basanti (Naira) How to Shot via Gun.
    He takes a gun in his hand and Says If you want to learn then you have to Learn Via My Way…She replies I don’t have a habit of Talking But Still If you are Saying then Teach me But I will Do in My way and He Glares at her and Says Okay then I am not teaching You.

    She Pouts and Says Please Teach me.
    He Gives Gun in her hand and Turns Her hand and comes Behind her..he gets Hesitates to Put His Hands on her Shoulder But In the End He Puts his Hands on Her shoulder and she smiles and He tells her to Point the Fun Little above She does But He takes her hand In His and Teach her How to Point.

    He tells her to Close her eyes and She Closes Both He Sighs and Tells her to Close one Eye. She does and He gets Back His hands.
    He tells her to Point the Gun and She Turns Around and Points on His Chest. He Gets Annoys and Tells her to Point of that Aam (Mango) Not this Ghas and She Points and Suddenly She presses Button and Fire Shot from Gun.

    Both Naira and Kartik get Slip and Naira Falls On Kartik and He Holds her in his arms.
    He helps her to Stand and Everyone Clap for them.

    Stay tune in for updates and Must Watch This Segment

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