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  • Friday, 15 June 2018

    Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 15th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Ranbir Kratika and Jealousy"

    The Episode starts with Kritika asking Ranbir why you come behind me and who are you to me? Ranbir says who are you to me? He says sorry and says you are not the one what you are thinking. Kritika says she is BA, LLB from Punjab. 

    Ranbir says thank God. Kritika says your ego must be broken because of rejection from the girl. Ranbir asks which girl? She says she is talking about her. He is about to call her Babes and then tells that she thought and understand everything wrong and says bye. He says you are mad and psycho. Kritika says what a master piece. Akki asks why you are angry? Ranbir says I can’t bear Kritika and says she searches for the chance to think me wrong and tells that she thought him wrong when she saw him with celita. Kritika is also upset. She comes to Jiana and tells her that she dislikes

    Ranbir. Jiana asks her to tell something new. Kritika says when I saw him standing outside the window, I felt as if I know him since years and thought him good. Jiana says you can never like him. Kritika says why girls are always stuck to him and asks why you are getting affected. Akki asks Ranbir why you are affected? Kritika says I am not affected. Jiana says you are jealous. Kritika asks her to sit alone and goes.

    Ranbir says I am not affected and is perfectly fine. He says I will go and talk to Ishani. Akki stops him. Ranbir says she told me so much and you thought I will not be affected with my girl. Akki asks what did you say? Yash comes there and says sorry. He says you had a fight because of me. Yash says you both shall not fight and says I don’t understand how one can dominate other. Kritika says she is elder. He asks where did you meet Ranbir first? Kritika says what to tell and says why shall I tell you. Yash says why did you love a celebrity if you want to keep your life personal. 

    He says I know that Ranbir is your boyfriend. Kritika is about to clear him, but then his friend calls him and he goes. Kritika thinks who spread this false rumour. Malishka tells Shilpa then they have to make Ranbir drink so that she can enjoy night with him. Ishani comes to Ranbir and says hi. Ranbir says good to see you. Ishani says I thought to talk to you. Ishani thanks him for making her Ms. Ghatkoper. She says I am a big fan of yours and asks do you have a girl friend? Ranbir says I have a girlfriend, but Akki doesn’t have a girl friend. She asks what is your girl friend’s name? Ranbir says Tanu and gets Kritika’s flashes. Kritika sees men taking some stuff in cold storage room. He says Ranbir told me.

    Yash comes to Kritika and asks why you are his girlfriend? Kritika says I am not Ranbir’s girlfriend. Yash asks then we can meet for coffee. Kritika sees Ranbir and go to him. Ranbir thinks who is this Tanu and just then Kritika comes infront of him. Ranbir looks at her. Kritika asks did you tell him something. Ranbir says what are you saying? Kritika says he said that I am your girlfriend. Ranbir says it was for your betterment and says his eyes..and tells that he was staring at you and asks her to maintain distance with Yash. Kritika says your eyes are bad and asks him not to think others as him. Ranbir says nobody can become like RBK and says you are an attractive woman and he was attracted to you. Kritika says so whenever someone stares me, you will be my savior. She says you got hurt and I don’t like you and that’s why made a story. Ranbir says psycho and crazy.

    He tells Akki that angry bird is thinking him wrong. Kritika tells Jiana that Ranbir is thinking Yash is having bad sight on me. Jiana says everyone is watching. Anirudh asks Ranbir to come on the stage. Ranbir goes to stage. Jiana gets excited and says I am so lucky to perform him dancing. Anirudh says Ishani Kohli will dance with him. Kritika tells Ishani you can’t go. Ishani asks why?

    Kritika asks Yash not to come near her. Yash tells her that nobody will hear her voice because of the loud music and says he will get her. Kritika asks him not to think her weak and says she is a strong girl. He tries to get closer to her.

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