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  • Thursday, 7 June 2018

    Kartik to Hide his Drinking Habit from Naira Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai SBB 7th June Video WU

    Kartik tries to Hide his Drinking Habit from Naira Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai SBB 7th June Video Written Update.
    Segment Start with Kartik Shifted to Sea Shell Apartment Mumbai and its Same Building where Naira Lives.

    Kartik is Alone in His Apartment and He is Missing Naira Reporter Said He becomes Devdaas in Naira’s Memory.
    He opens the Bottle and pours Drink for himself and While Drinking His eyes are Moist and He is remembering All the old Moments also How they met again in College.
    How She Looked so Lost and Also She removed her wedding, Band.

    He takes one more glass and Drinks Again Tries to Erase her memories But Just then he hears knock on the Door and When he Opens the Door He Gets Shocked to See Naira is Standing There.

    He Blinks His eyes Because he thinks he is Dreaming But Little Girl Start her blabbering and He comes to Present and Quickly realize the Drink Setup and Glass and Bottle So He Closes the Half Door so Naira won’t able to See Inside Because He Knows She will be Upset to See Him Drinking.

    She about to go back But Kartik tells her that Don’t think that He Came for her and She replies with tears in her eyes She Knows because You forget her long Back.
    Kartik Closes the Door and Sigh the Last thing he wanted not to come near Naira and Now He is Living Next Door to her.
    Kartik Says In his Interview that He is Now Alcoholic and Was Drinking and when he opens the Door he gets Shocked to See Naira.
    Naira Says Same that She came to Know When She went to his Apartment but Before that You will Some Hit and Miss
    Must Watch This Segment

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