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  • Thursday, 7 June 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 7th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Omkara's Surprise and Attack on Oberois"

    Ishqbaaaz 7th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Omkara's Surprise and Attack on Oberois"

    Episode Start with Rishab comes to room Behind Disco and Shivika, Rikara, Ruvya confronts Rishab that You Trained Disco and involved him in Your Brother’s Murder Scene Shows How Disco Follows Rishab’s Command and Does What Rishab Said.

    Rishab Confesses His Crime How He Hates His Own Brother Because He used to get All attention because of his illness and After His Parents Death He had to Take Care of him and His Personal Life Disturbed so He Trained Disco and Killed his brother.
    Bhavya calls Police and They arrest Him But He Tells Shivaay that Soon You three will Fight when Money comes in your relationship.

    Bhavya says Thanks To Shivaay and Anika comes and tells that Mean I was Right Disco Killed Rakesh But Shivaay Says Rishab trained Him.
    Rudra asks Them You Sure Money will never come between us ShivOm Laughs and Says Never.
    Anika asks and Shivaay between us and You Allow Me To Bargain Shivaay Do whatever you want But Not in front of me and He About to tell Chameli Scene But Anika Stops Him.
    Next Day.

    Omkara is Making Cake and Shivaay and Rudra come and ask what are you doing He tells them he is Making cake He Asks Shivaay’s Help to Fix whatever is Missing I want its has to be Perfect.
    Omkara says I want to make for Gauri She is upset after Party I want to Make Lemon Cheese Cake She Never Have this She used to Eat Indian Sweet I want her to taste this.
    Shivaay takes Out His Coar and Rudra to Join him But Omkara Says that I gave List to Khanna But he is Busy on Phone Shivaay Says Yes I Find something Suspicious He tells Rudra to go and Call Him Inside.

    Rudra asks Khanna to come inside who is On Phone…They come Inside and Shivaay asks How Many things Omkara told to bring and How Many you brought He Says Nothing Shivaay tells Him to Go and Also Change Your Uniform and come with new Spirit.
    Khanna leaves and Omkara Says I have to Make Halwa from this Shivaay and Rudra Sing Song and Three of them Sing Song together “Zindagi Milke Bitaenge”

     The brothers sing as usual and compose the cake their musical way. Anika and Bhavya land in kitchen and catch the Obros having the fun. They join them and play flour holi to have a laugh. Everyone helps Omkara in cheering up Gauri.

    They reveal the surprise to her. Gauri gets emotional when Omkara presents the cake. He asks her to keep smiling, as it means a lot to him. Gauri gets a push by his encouragement and turns into Dabanngg Gauri. Omkara and Gauri celebrate happiness once again with their family. Shivay asks Khanna why is he so disturbed. He gets angry and tells Khanna that he will fire him if he commits more mistakes. Obros get attacked by a bunch of people, who pelt stones and hurt them. The men leave them with a warning. Obros get clueless about the attack. Bhavya wants to find the information about the men. Khanna tells them that the attack was meant for him, as he is the root cause of the problem. He asks them not to call police. Shivay asks Khanna what’s his mistake.

    Khanna tells them that he got married. Shivay learns that Khanna and his lover eloped and married, by going against the family. Khanna apologizes to them for the trouble. Shivay feels hurt that Khanna didn’t share his problem, when they treat him like a family member. He tells Khanna that he will deal with those enemies in his way. He assures Khanna that he will set everything fine. Khanna tells them that the girl’s family wants to take revenge from him. He reveals that his wife is kidnapped by her family. He regrets that his love story is stuck up. Shivay promises to get his wife back. He tells Khanna that he will meet the girl’s family and convince them. Anika too wishes to accompany him. Till they arguments go on, they get a shocking news about Khanna is Kidnapped.

    PRECAP : ShivOmru and AniRiya are Searching Khanna Omkara Traces His Mobile's Location Somewhere in woods.People are Burying Khanna.

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