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  • Wednesday, 6 June 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 6th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Shivaay's Doubt On Rishab Anika Gives Hint to Shivaay"

    Ishqbaaaz 6th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Shivaay's Doubt On Rishab Anika Gives Hint to Shivaay"

    Episode Start with
    Shivaay-Anika, Omkara-Gauri, and Rudra-Bhavya are Doing Dinner and They all are Disturbed Because They Come to Know That Rakesh Their New Neighbour is Dead.
    Shivaay is thinking How Rakesh told him to Save him from his Brother.

    Shivaay tells Everyone that This is Not Normal Death Its Murder All are Shocked and Bhavya Asks How Can Be You So Sure.
    He Tells Her that Yesterday Rakesh Told me That His Life is In Danger And His Brother will Kill Him tomorrow and This happens He is Dead.

    Anika is Shocked and She tells SHivaay That Rishab was With us all the time How Can He Kill His Own Brother.
    Rudra is also Agree with Anika That How Can Any Brother Can Kill His own Brother.

    Shivaay tells everyone I don’t have an answer to your Question all I Know is Rakesh is Dead and Rishab has Something Fishy About his Death.
    All I want to give Justice to Rakesh to that I can Lift off some guilt from my heart and is there anything Related to Rishab then he will be punished.
    Shivaay asks Bhavya’s Unofficial Help and She Agrees and Others are with Shivaay’s too.

    Three brothers Come to His House and ShivOm tells Rudra to go and Distract him with your talk.

    Rishab opens door and asks Rudra why are you here Rudra Distract him that I will Share Your Pain and He comes inside.
    He comes inside and Shocked to See Drink and Party Going on.
    There Shivaay and Omkara come to Rakesh room and They Start their Investigation.
     They See His Ticket of London and Shivaay takes Picture of Ticket.

    Disco Barks On them and Rishab tells Rudra that Someone is there and he runs to that Room.
    Shivaay and Omkara try to calm Disco there Rishab comes inside the Room Rudra tries hard to Stop him.
    He Looks here and There No One is Inside the Room He leaves and Shivaay tries to Calm Disco.
    There Bhavya is watching CCTV Footage and She is not Finding anything Fishy.
    Anika Also thinks Same that there is nothing Fishy ShivOmRu come and tells AniRiya that he is going to London Also they Inform Everything How is Partying
    Shivaay is now Determine that he killed Rakesh.
    Shivaay tells Everyone that he has Plan.
    ShivOmru come to rishab and Informs Him About Condolence Meeting and He gets Shocked But Shivaay tells Meeting will be tomorrow He Gets Hesittated but Gets Agree.

    Condolence Meeting
    All are Sitting and Anika tells Rishab to Say Two Words About Him and He gets Hesitates Again But he stands up but gets Call he Excuses and comes out to take Call.

    He is Receiving Something from Someone and Rudra is Watching this from Corner and When Rishab Turns Around He Hides Again.
    Rudra comes and asks him to come inside for condolence meeting that men Informed that He is Insurance Person.
    Three Brothers discuss about this and Rudra Unknowngliy says its for Money and Shivaay asks Bhavya to Find out about this and She leaves.
    Rishab comes and thanks them and he About to Leave Shivaay asks are you going Somewhere he says he is tired and Leaves.
    Bhavya gets Information that his Insurance policy is 100 Cr Shivaay comes to Conclusion that he Murdered for Money and we have to find how in only 2 Hours.

    Shivaay Is watching Pictures in His tab which is connected to Projector and He is Confused Just then Anika comes with Tea and Scolds him that Why he is Stressing on this Please Give Rest to Your Eyes.
    Shivaay tells Everything is Clear Except one Disco is Going Inside or coming from Inside. Anika tells You are Everything and  After someone time you will tell that Disco(Dog) Murdered Rakesh By telling Him That She leaves and Scolds Him to Drink Tea.
    Unknowingly Anika Gives him Hint and He comes and Sits On Couch and Listen to one Tv Program where Anchor is informing About What Dogs Can Do? Like Dog can Open Gates, They are Very Intelligent and Now His All Doubt come to Disco the Dog.

    Shivaay informs Everyone that Disco Killed Rakesh and they are Shocked.
    Bhavya asks how will we Prove this.
    Shivaay tells them to plan.
    They all come to his house and tell Him to Eat Before you go anywhere he is not listing to him But they make him Sit on Table and Forcefully make him Eat.
    He tells them that he is leaving for Delhi.
    Rudra tries to talk with Disco but Disco is not Listing.Rudra informs Same to Shivaay.
    Shivaay tells Rishab that they will Surely Miss You.Shivaay tells Before you go why don’t we listen last time his Radio
    Shivaay asks Let me connect to the Bluetooth Speaker and He Starts his Radio Show.

    Shivaay Start Old show In which he is talking about money between Relationship after Listing his Voice Disco goes to Rakesh room and They all follow and Disco Jumps to Bed and they all Shocked to See open Wire.

    PRECAP : Rishab confesses that He Killed his Brother because of Money Police Arrested him and He Tells Shivaay that Soon You three will fight for money.

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