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  • Tuesday, 5 June 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 5th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Shivika at Radio Show Rakesh's Death Mystery"

    Ishqbaaaz 5th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Shivika at Radio Show Rakesh's Death  Mystery"

    Anika tells Lallan Bhaiya to Sit and She tells Servant to make Malai Marke tea for Lallan Bhaiya Anika Asks Generally Howz  Life have you seen any movie recently Just then Shivaay comes and Lallan Asks is he your husband Anika Blushes and Says Yes He is My “Wo”.

    Shivaay asks Who is he Anika tells he is the one who makes my Chameli Chappal (Sandal ). Then Anika Starts and takes out her Sandal and Gives a Demo to Shivaay That He makes Cheap Sandal But durable.
    Shivaay ask why you called him to home?
    Anika Asks what does that Mean? Shivaay tells We should call Designer and Anika Says then that Designer will cost so much rupee for Simple Sandal I am Middle Class I Know I am Now Oberoi’s Daughter-in-law but I am Same Middle class too so Save Money.

    Anika tells Lallan to Show her Sandal and He Started Showing Anika ask Price and He tells 1500 But Anika tells I will give you 350 and She Bargain Shivaay tells Anika not to do this at home But Anika won’t listen to him.
    She tells Shivaay I will handle and She Gives 400rs and Lallan Leaves.

    Shivaay and Anika Argue over Bargains and they have cute moments But Rishab Comes and tells he Left his phone also he Invites them for his Radio Show.
    Anika tells Shivaay that I am Famous and I will bring him too Shivaay Smiles and Asks what will we do Rishab tells Debate what else.
    He tells them to Sharp 12 noon. He Leaves and Shivaay asks howz Rishab in your view Anika tells he is good person and loves his brother.

    Just then Rudra and Bhavya come and they are arguing Shivika asks Reason and Rudra tells them that I am telling her to open Our joint account Shivaay tells Her to go ahead But Bhavya Says I don’t want money to come between in our relationship.
    She Says I want this Financial Freedom Rudra says this money never come in our relationship No Shivaay Bhaiya.Shivaay gives A Very good example of Rain and Relationship.
    Anika Tells Bhavya is Saying Right When A Girl Earn Money She feels independent and when I used to work and Earn I Felt independent Shivaay ask difference Anika Gives Example how They Watch the movie and How She used to watch with Sahil before marriage.
    Gauri and Omkara Join them Bhavya Informs that she is Joining Her Police Force again.
    Everyone Teases Rudra and Bhavya and She leaves.
    Omkara comes to Gauri and asks Do you want to go on drive and they leave.
    Shivaay is Thinking about what Rakesh told and He excuses himself and He comes to Rishab’s Garden and Disco come to Shivaay and Shivaay freaks Out But Maid come and takes Disco Inside and Shivaay hides.
    Shivaay Looks Inside the house and Maid Switch on the Rishab’s Show On Radio Shivaay Sees Rakesh comes and He goes to Kitchen and he makes Coffee for himself and Goes Back to his room again.
    Shivaay observes Rakesh’s behavior, which seems too depressed. He keeps a watch on Rakesh to find the truth. He feels Rakesh is fine. Shivay and Anika then visit Rishabh at his radio station and have their own show to entertain the listeners. Rishabh likes their nok-jhok and enjoys the show. Shivika goes on air and fights publicly on the radio show. Rishabh tells them that money comes between relations and turns the good terms bitter. He also gives his view on money. Shivika justify themselves and their perception. Rakesh listens their show on radio. He then gets electrocuted in his room. He dies on the spot.

    The house help hears Rakesh screaming and calls up Rishabh. Rishabh plays the song and attends the call. He gets a big shock. He reveals to Shivika that Rakesh is dead. Shivay gets suspicious about Rishabh. He feels he has lost in saving Rakesh. Anika sympathizes with Rishabh. Shivay gets unclear about his death. Bhavya interrogates the house help to know how did Rakesh die. Shivay also gets to know the entire incident. Shivaay suspects that there is more to it, its not just a case of electrocution. Bhavya tells Shivay that this death was accidental, the case is closed. Rishabh mourns for his brother’s death. Shivay doesn’t fall in his crying drama.

    PRECAP :  Bhavya tells she has doubt on rishab But Shivaay tells he is sure that Rishab Killed Rakesh.Bhavya tells if we can find motive we will prove him guilty Anika asks how Shivaay tells this is not important right Now we have to stop him to go to London.

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