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  • Wednesday, 13 June 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 13th June 2018 Written Episode Written Update "Shivaay-Anika's Pool Romance"

    Ishqbaaaz 13th June 2018 Written Episode Written Update "Shivaay-Anika's Pool Romance"

    Episode Start with Fiza is Trying to Make Farhan Understand that She Loves Only Him. He Tells Her that Stop this Drama I am Giving Your Divorce Shivaay tells him not to take Action in Anger He Says Talak….Then Remembers old Memory of her with Shivaay and Other Men's. He says Talak one more time Before he Says Third Time Shivaay hits Him on Face and He Collapses on the Floor.

    Omkara-Rudra asks Why He Hit Him Shivaay explains that Our Society is Male Dominating Created triple talak terms Yes it will Involve Court and All But They will be Divorced and To Stop Him I have To Hit him.
    He Explains How People Give Divorce On Messenger or Social Site they make Fun of this Triple Talak terms Gauri is Stunned But Fiza Says In Our Community People Do Like this If Farhan wants Divorce I have to Accept Everyone Says Why Are You Suffering you are not at any Fault.

    Fiza Explains how His Mother was Against Our Marriage and How She Put Venom in Farhan’s Head to Give Divorce to me.
    Shivaay goes to Fiza who is crying he consoles her..Gauri asks Anika why is she so Silent Anika Says So Many things Happened I have nothing to Say.
    SHivaay tries to Stop her But She Runs away Fiza tells Shivaay to go and Clear her misunderstanding.

    In the Room
    Shivaay tries to talk to Anika who is not Ready to Listen She tells Him Not to Explain Anything She Has Seen Everything. He tells Her to Listen to me Because I don’t want any Misunderstanding Between us. She Goes away But Shivaay Pulls Again He tells her that he Goes to Meet Fiza who was crying She tells Him That Why are You Giving Me tadi I won't Work On Me And She Goes again He Pins her to Wall and tells her that Only I can Give tadi because I am SSO Anika Replies him that I am Khidkitod Anika I won’t Listen to You..He Threatens her But She doesn’t Listen.

    He Lifts her in His Arms and Throws her In the Pool and Jumps After her.
    Both come out and Anika Shurgs the water and About to Pass By Shivaay He Pulls her in his Arms they have moments.
    He Tells her Now Listen to Me Fiza was Falling down and Anika completes His Lines that You gave her Hand ..Shivaay tells If you Know then Why were Doubting On me.
    She tells Him How Dare You Think Like this that I will Doubt on You and our relationship He is Stunned to Listen to her He Says what was that You were not listing to me I was so Stressed.
    She Laughs That You were tensed for this. He says This is not Good She comes Close to him and tells him that if you were tensed for this then Let Marry Again.
    He makes fun of her that I have done this mistake I won’t do again She gets Annoyed and he tells her that I Know How to Make up to you when you are angry.
    She tells show me then he takes her in his arms and Dive into the water.

    Shivaay is explaining Anika his Plan and she is asking if this will work? He tells her to try once.
    Update in Progress

    PRECAP : Anika asks Shivaay what will he give her on EID..Shivaay Ignores Her and tells Everyone that he has Meeting to attend..he About to Go But Anika tells Him What Meeting you can do on Phone or Video Call Shivaay Shouts on her that Stop it Anika Everyone get Stunned to See Shivaay is Shouting on Anika.

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