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  • Tuesday, 12 June 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 12th June 2018 Episode Written Update"Fiza in Shivaay's Arm Farhan Burst Out His Anger"

           Ishqbaaaz 12th June 2018 Episode Written Update"Fiza in Shivaay's Arm Farhan Burst Out His Anger"

    Episode Start with Anika Shares her excitement that from the time She Heard about Your coming She is So happy and Dressed Up, But why are You So Causal?
    Fiza replies that She Wears Jeans at Home Anika Says That I Thought You Dressed Up in Home Too I Saw in TV, Farhan Replies that Don’t Believe what Tv Say.

    Shivaay Makes Anika’s Fun that she talks So much Anika Hits Him and Says No ladies are Don’t talk So Much See Fiza she is so Quiet.
    Farhan Says I Like Women Who Talk Less and Stay In their Limits. Everyone Stunned with this and Farhan tells his Point that Fiza is Okay with my Statement.
    Shivika Looks at Each other and Shivaay tells Anika to take Fiza to her Room and Rudra takes Farhan with Him.

    Omkara-Shivaay talks about Strange Behaviour of Frahan, But Also Think That Farhan is away in Dubai and His wife Stays In Lucknow Maybe they don’t get time to Spend with each Other.
    There Anika Is talking Non-Stop with Fiza that She Talks So Much and You are so quiet. Anika tells her that She is so Excited that Tomorrow we will Celebrate EID but we don’t have Knowledge Fiza Blurts Something Like Maybe she won’t and Stops Anika asks her what is the Problem She Can Share with her Fiza about to Share But Farhan comes and Interrupts.
    He Apologies on Fiza’s Behalf if she Board with Anika with her talks Anika tells that She is So Quiet Farhan Says Yes But She Does So Many Things.

    Anika is Little Surprise and She looks at Fiza who looks here and there, Anika tells them to get Fresh-n-up and come down.
    While leaving Room She Hears Farhan’s Rude Reply to Fiza on taking out his Clothes.
    At Hall
    Shivaay is instructing Gauri for Eid’s Preparation and Just Then Farhan and Fiza come down and Sit with them.
    Anika’s Phone Ring and Shivaay calls IOut her Name to Pick up her Phone Farhan tells him why don’t you pick her phone Shivaay tells him that Its Anika’s Phone whoever is Calling her want to talk with her and I am not from husbands who check their wives Phone Nor Anika will do anything Like this.we give Each-other Space.

    Farhan tells whats problem in that we should Know whom our wife is talking Shivaay tells that I Prefer to give our wife some Privacy of her own also trust on her everyone is Agree with Shivaay.
    Anika comes and takes her Phone. Omkara tells Farhan that In our House we don’t check Eac Other’s Phone.
    Farhan tells that you are right in your point of view But I am right on my own see Fiza can I check your phone? She Says Yes.
    Rudra asks can Fiza check your phone He Says what the Need ? Shivaay tells this is not Fair if you can check she can check too.
    Farhan tells them that You have Given So Much Freedom to ladies in Your House Anika comes and Calm down the atmosphere.
    She tells We can’t change anyone’s thinking Rudra changes the Topic.
    AniRiYa is talking with Fiza and she corrects Some Of Anika’s Urdu. Anika is talking Fiza to Shopping But Farhan Says No,Anika is Still insisting But Farhan Says She Kept Roza and Why Dressed up..Anika asks why ?
    Shivaay comes and Asks what happened? Farhan changes the Topic and tells Fiza to get ready for Iftari and they leave.
    Shivika talks about Farhan’s Strange Behaviour Shivaay tells her that he was not like this

    Shivay tells Anika that he didn’t expect such change in Farhan. Fiza doesn’t know why Farhan doubts on her so much.

    She tells him that she didn’t wish to go with Anika. She asks him why did he lose faith in her. Farhan doesn’t talk to her well. Shivay finds Fiza crying and asks her to share the problem. He doesn’t want her to pretend happiness. He tells her that he will try his best to bring harmony in their relation.

    She tells him that Farhan spies on her and doubts on her character, when he knows that she loves him a lot. She tells Shivay that she failed to win Farhan’s trust and this has happened recently by unknown reasons. She feels her marriage is breaking. Shivay tells her that he will clear the problems. He knows Farhan is clean-hearted. He asks her to try to lessen the distances. She thanks him for help.

    He blesses her and regards her like his sister. Fiza slips and takes support from Shivay. Shivay gets helpless to hold her in arms to balance her. Farhan and everyone find them in an odd situation. Farhan reacts angrily on Fiza. Shivay explains to Farhan that its nothing as it appears. Farhan calls Fiza characterless. He blames her for having affairs in his absence. He tells them how Fiza has always shocked him by her wandering ways. He doesn’t blame Shivay. He tells Shivay that Fiza is eyeing him now. Fiza tells Farhan that she was just balancing herself by Shivay’s support.

    The drama gets high when Fiza sheds tears and melts Shivay’s heart. Shivay takes a stand for her as he knows the situation well. Farhan reprimands Fiza for getting him humiliated this way by eyeing his friend. Fiza tells Farhan that she just loves him. Farhan doesn’t believe her. He decides to break ties with her. Shivay doesn’t understand why things are going out of hands. Farhan declares his decision to divorce Fiza. Shivay can’t see this happening. He clarifies his part to Anika and asks her to help him in clearing the differences between Farhan and Fiza.

    PRECAP :

    Shivaay tells Anika that She has to Listen to him She asks what will you do if i won't listen to You.He throws her in Pool and He Jumps too takes her in his arms so close to himself.

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