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  • Tuesday, 5 June 2018

    Ishita Says NO for Roshni's Baby Shower in Bhalla House Raman to Make Ishita Agree UMT 5th June Video WU

    Ishita Says NO for Roshni's Baby Shower in Bhalla House Raman to Make Ishita Agree UMT 5th June Video Written Update

    Toshi Bhalla Goes to Raman with Roshni’s Report and Gives Him he Reads Name and Asks her What is this Why are we worried for her Pregnancy.

      Mrs. Bhalla Is Scolds Raman That Child is Not only Roshni Its Our Adi’s too Our Adi Are You Getting what I am Saying
    Raman Stands up But Before He about to Say Something Aliya and Mihika come  and Aliya ask Mrs Bhalla that what are You Saying bring Roshni here You didn’t Even Think about me for A Second She is Hurt Param Gets Chance to Put Fuel in the Fire He Support Aliya But Mrs. Bhalla Scolds Him and tells him not to interfere in their Family Matters and He Leaves In Anger.

    Aliya to Runs to her Room and Mrs. Bhalla Tells Raman to convince her Raman tells Her that he will talk to Aliya and will Bring Roshni Here.
    He Leaves and talks to Aliya who tells Him That Everyone is Selfish here Amma too Supported Only Roshni She Didn’t even ask me once how am I Living Everyone is Selfish.
    She Hugs Raman and cries.

    There Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla come to Ishita to Make her Agree to Let Roshni Stay with Bhalla and organize Roshni’s Baby Shower
    Mr. Bhalla is Also trying to talk with her But Ishita Says No To Them. Ishita Says That From last 8 month She didn’t enter in that House why Now For Roshni This child is Everything and I can’t let anyone Snatch That Child from her.

    She is not Married and Baby Shower will come with So Many Question for her So I Not agree with this and She clearly denies.
    In the Scene, She is Giving water to Roshni and Taking Care of her.
    There Mrs Bhalla Asks Raman’s Promise That Baby Shower will happen in this House and Raman promises her
    Will Ishita Agree?
    Stay Tune in for More Updates and Must Watch this Segment

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