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  • Sunday, 24 June 2018

    Ishita Dresses Raman's Wound ISHRA Moments Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBAS 24th June Video WU

    Ishita Dresses Raman's Wound ISHRA Moments Yeh Hai Mohabbatein SBAS 24th June Video and Written Update.

    Segment Start From Parking of Bhalla House Where Raman comes and He is Angry over Something.

    He Takes Out Wine Bottle from Car and Takes A Sip But He is So Angry that he Breaks the Bottle on Bonnet and Because of Glass Blood comes out of his hand But he doesn’t Care.
    Just then Ishita comes with her Car and She comes Out She calls His Name But He Doesn’t Look Back at her She Sense Something Wrong and She comes to Him and Gets shocked to See His hand with Full of Blood.

    She Runs to Her Car and takes Out First Aid Box and She takes his Hand In her She Cleans his hand and Takes Out Glasses from his hand He Looks Everywhere but Not in her Direction He Knows He has to Listen to her Lecture and She Starts her Lecture over taking care of himself and why drinks so much.

    She Takes the Chemical Bottle and Dresses his Wound He Now Looks at her How Carefully She is Dressing his wound.
    This Ishra Moments End at the Bhalla House When Raman gives Ishita Roshni’s Child Custody Papers and They Both Fight Like Cat and Dog.

    Ruhi tries her hard to Stop them But they Challenge Each Other That We will See Who will Win the Case in the Court.
    What Do you think Guys who will win the Custody Battle and Please Let us Know your Feedback for Our work in comment Box.
    Stay Tune in for more updates and Must Watch This Segment

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