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  • Friday, 8 June 2018

    Anika wants to Do Nikaah (Marriage) again Shivika Moments Ishqbaaaz SBAS 8th June Video WU

    Anika wants to Do Nikaah (Marriage) again Shivika Moments Ishqbaaaz SBAS 8th June Video Written Update

    Segment Start with Shivaay informs Everyone that His Childhood Buddy Farhan is coming to Celebrate Eid with us at Oberoi Mansion and His Wife Fiza is too coming to celebrate with us.

    Rudra is Not Happy and Throws Tantrums But No Body Care and they leave to See Preparation.
    Shivaay comes to Anika who is in Yellow dress and She is Behaving weird when Shivaay asks her what happened to her she tells that She Will talk In Urdu Only to Farhan Shivaay ask her why ?

    She tells him that You remember I become Anika Begam Before In My Play and Shivaay Tries to Run away from There.
    Anika comes Near Him and She starts Sneezing He asks Anika what is this What which Perfume You Applied ?

    She tells Him That She Appiled “Itra” He Asks her why She again tells that She wants to be Perfect for Eid and that’s why She wears this Traditional Dress and Next She wants to Do “Nikaah” (marriage) Shivaay gets shocked to Listen this.
    He asks her what are you saying But She is On her Thoughts She tells that She wants again to tell “Kabool Hai Kabool Hai “
    Shivaay makes fun that its Not Resturent And Defenatly we are not Doing any Nikaah one is Enough for Us.

    Anika gets Annoyed and About to leave But Shivaay Pulls her in his arms and Kisses her on her Forehead and Calms her Down and Her Anger Vansihed with this.
    She Hugs Him and He Hugs her Back

    Must watch A Very Good Segment

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