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  • Friday, 1 June 2018

    Anika to Hit Shivaay with Her Sandal Again Shivaay Gets Scared Ishqbaaaz SBD 1st May Video WU

    Anika to Hit Shivaay with Her Sandal Again Shivaay Gets Scared Ishqbaaaz SBD 1st May Video WU

    Segment Start With Anika calls Her Permanent Sendal Maker at House with So Many Sandals In One Glass Box and He Shows Anika’s Her Sandals which she Always wears.

    Omkara-Gauri and Bhavya-Rudra are watching this From Corner and they are Laughing Over Shivaay who comes to Anika to Ask what is Going On?
    Anika Gets excited to Shivaay because She Wants to Introduce Lallan Bhaiya who makes her Footwear.

    Anika Who is Sitting Stands Up and Takes Out her Sandal and Shows to Shivaay and She tells That Shivaay You Remember My Sandal Chandi Chameli She Waves Her Sandal two three-time and Both Shivaay and Lallan Scared that Her Sandal will Land up on their Cheeks.

    Shivaay tells her to Drop Her Sandal But She is On Roll She tells Shivaay this is My Chandini Chameli I Hit you with this when we met first-time Shivaay gets Embarrasses In front of Lallan and He quickly Changes the topic by Asking her who is this Guy.
    She tells Him That He is Lallan Bhaiya who makes My Chappal. Sasti Sundar Chameli Chappal.

    Reporter Says That Shivaay You don’t work Hard to Change Anika Because She will Never Change Her Style Because She is not Like Another Girl who Changes when She Gets Money.
    Anika’s Interview: its never Effect on me like I am Daughter-in-law of Big House Because Anika Always Thinks Sunder-Sasta-Tikau and She Laughs over this.
    There is Another Segment In which Shivaay’s New Neighbour asks Him to Save His Life We will Update on this Soon
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