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  • Tuesday, 5 June 2018

    Anika Gives Hint to Shivaay He Solved Murder Mystery Ishqbaaaz U me Tv 5th June Video Written Update

    Anika Gives Hint to Shivaay He Solved Murder Mystery Ishqbaaaz U me Tv 5th June Video Written Update

    Segment Start from Oberoi Mansion Outside where RJ Rishab is Receiving Something from Someone and Rudra is Watching this from Corner and When Rishab Turns Around He Hides Again.

    Shivaay tells In his Interview That Before Rakesh’s Death He and His Brother came to our House and Rakesh asked My Help to Save Him from His brother after that he Died and After that, I have Doubt over his death.

    On Screen, Shivaay Is watching Pictures in His tab which is connected to Projector and He is Confused Just then Anika comes with Tea and Scolds him that Why he is Stressing on this Please Give Rest to Your Eyes.

    Shivaay tells Everything is Clear Except one Disco is Going Inside or coming from Inside. Anika tells You are Everything and  After someone time you will tell that Disco(Dog) Murdered Rakesh By telling Him That She leaves and Scolds Him to Drink Tea.
    Unknowingly Anika Gives him Hint and He comes and Sits On Couch and Listen to one Radio Program where Anchor is informing About What Dogs Can Do? Like Dog can Open Gates, They are Very Intelligent and Now His All Doubt come to Disco the Dog.

    Shivaay’s Interview: He tells that My Family Knows that I have Superpower and Something Like this Only I observed.
    When Reporter Ask About Anika Gave Him Hint He Replies that Yes She gave me Hint and I Observed Quickly.
    He Continues that He is So Thrilled to Do Scene Like this and Our Audience Know How Ishqbaaaz Deal with Spying and Other Things.
    We are Doing Tracks on Socail Issue and This Time with Dog Its Hard But we are Trying our Hard.

    On Screen Whole Family is Sitting In Oberoi Mansion May Be for Condolence

    Stay Tune in for More Updates and Must Watch this Segment 

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