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  • Wednesday, 30 May 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 30th May 2018 Episode Written Update"Naira-Kartik's Face Off"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 30th May 2018 Episode Written Update"Naira-Kartik's Face Off"

    Episode Start with Naira is walking inside the Class and She Gets Shocked to hear Kartik’s voice He tells No Latecomers in My Class Get Out Please.

    She doesn’t turn He looks at her back and tells her Get Out again Ms.Someone Tells her Name Naina He Says Naina Singhania Get Out Please and He Throws Chalk at Her and She Remembers How He told her once that He will Throw Chalk if She won’t concentrate on her class.

    She comes Out of her thoughts when She Hears His Voice again and She Slips and About to fall but Kartik Reaches and Saves her in His arms and Looks at Her They Stare Each-other and Remember their old moments How they Confessed their Love and from Start to End Everything How He threw Her out of House.

    He Leaves her and She Looks at him with teary eyes she takes her bag and runs away from there.
    Manish Informs Keerti That Kartik is Going to give a lecture in Imperial College and Keerti gets the Hint and She is so Happy They Pray for them to meet and Finish all the Differences.
    Here Naira runs out of college Clutching Her Files so Tight to her Chest and Thinking What is He Doing Here and She Never thought to meet him Like this Same Kartik is Thinking and Remembering How She Fell in His arms In Class.

    He Sits Inside his Car and tells Driver to take to Airport there Naira is Trying to take a Cab.
    Manish asks Suwarna where is she going? She Looks at Him and She tells Him that I can’t stay away from Kartik Anymore that’s why I going to see where is he living First time in 2 Years he is Away from the house.
    Kartik’s Car Stop In Between the Road there Naira is Running to take a Cab and She Sees Someone take that Cab She is Abou to hit by Can But Someone Pull her.
    Suwarna tells Her Family that She is Going to give Kartik a Surprise Surekha is Happy That She will complete all her pending work she about to leave But Manish Stops her and tells Her that I am coming too with You She About to leave Again and tells him that You come tomorrow But he Says We should Leave together But She leaves That She can’t wait.
    That Person who Save Naira tells to take care on this roads She Says Thanks and Wipes her tears.
    Suddenly Rain Start Kartik is Still running to take Cab Naira takes Shetler Below the Tree and Naira thinks of the time when she met with an accident, hoping Kartik will come to her rescue. Kartik recalls the time when he finished Shubham’s final rites and came home, only to find Naira gone. Their lives shattered the same day. Kirti takes help from an air hostess. She passes false info to Suwarna about the flight delay. Suwarna gets upset and thinks to inform Manish. She then checks with the airlines. She confirms that the problem is genuine, Manish didn’t plan anything to stop her from meeting Kartik. She returns home. Naira and Kartik part ways again. They get glimpses of the painful past. Kartik feels he can never forgive Naira, who broke Suwarna’s trust. He wants Naira to regret for her mistakes.

    PRECAP : Kartik is at Airport and He want to leave Mumbai and Never Want to return  Naira tells Naitik that she won’t go college again.She Cuts Her Admit Card.

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