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  • Saturday, 5 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update"Raman-Ishita's and Adi-Aliya's Date "

    Episode starts with Raman Asks His Father why Ladies takes So Much time to Get Ready Adi and Aliya come and Raman tells Adi to take Time and Correct Your Mistakes. He Sits with his Father and Waits for Ishita.

     Aaliya and Adi come on a date where Adi cheers up Aaliya, Raman, and Ishita coincidentally arrive at the same cafe where Adi and Aaliya are. Adi shares only one coffee with Aaliya showering love and care on Aaliya, Adi clicks selfies with Aaliya and posts on FB he also sends pictures to Roshni, for a while he goes to bring cookies where he messages Roshni if she is happy now. Aaliya gets Mani’s call Mani is happy knowing Adi is trying to cheer up Aaliya.

    Roshni reads messages and sees pictures, she feels jealous. Adi questions Roshni now if she is happy because he has done what she asked him. Roshni doesn’t reply and also puts her phone on silent.Ishita comes to meet Adi and thanks him for understanding the relation, trust is must for their relation she shows her motherly love for Adi. Adi also confesses Ishita that he will keep Aaliya happy, Ishita goes where after Adi enjoys the date with Aaliya while there Roshni is tensed and is getting irritated recalling Adi and Aaliya’s photographs.

    Roshni thinks that she must be happy, not sad because Adi and Aaliya are husband-wife they should be happy, she is only Adi’s friend but lastly, she ends up getting infuriated.Kiran gets Suraj call where he blackmails Kiran and asks her to meet him, Kiran goes while Mrs. Iyer overhears talking tensed on call.There Shravan is buying an expensive phone that suddenly he overhears the shopkeeper talking to Adi, he asks Adi Bhalla his phone is ready which is of 80, 000 rupees and is ready to be delivered.

    Shravan doesn’t get the model he wanted to purchase but he thinks that Adi has the same phone then why he is buying the same phone and for whom.She follows Kiran, Raman Ishita Adi and Aaliya come home where Mrs. Iyer stops Ishita and Raman, she reveals that how Kiran was tensed when she was talking to someone on call, she asks them to follow Kiran.

    Roshni gets parcel she is confused seeing new phone, Adi calls on the new phone Roshni picks the call where Adi questions Roshni if she is not happy seeing his pictures with Aaliya, Roshni is silent and is about to disconnect call but Adi stops her and says that he can’t live without her and he doesn’t want her to maintain distance from him. Aaliya comes to Adi, Roshni cuts call, Aaliya questions Adi about the dress where Adi praises Aaliya in the dress, Aaliya thanks Adi for everything she hugs Adi where Adi gets flashbacks of Roshni, he opens his eyes and goes from there making an excuse. Aaliya blushes.

    Raman Ishita follows Kiran where lastly they fail to follow Kiran’s car, Mrs. Iyer calls Ishita and informs them about Kiran reached home. Ishita asks Mrs. Iyer to give her every information about Kiran if she wants to help them.Raman and Ishita come back to the home where they think why Kiran came back to home maybe she learned that they were following her.Suraj is on the call with someone, where he thanks the person for informing him that Raman and Ishita were following Kiran otherwise they would know that Kiran is meeting him.

    Suraj confesses the person to not worry, no one has doubt on him, they will run their business keeping Kiran in front and no one will know that you are also involved with them in this business. Suraj thinks that Raman and Ishita will be ruined with their own family member.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2018 :

    Ishita tells Raman and That Amma is Following Kiran and She will Send Us Location.Raman and Ishita follow Kiran, Raman Ishita Mani, and Mrs. Iyer get shocked seeing Kiran is with meeting Suraj.

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