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  • Tuesday, 1 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita's Life revolves With Problems"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita revolves With Problems"

    Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla and Everyone that Someone Used Raman Bhai’s Name for fraud Business She asks who is doing this Simmi tells her that Only Raman and Ishita can tell us.

    Raman and ishita come and Simmi Jumps on them with question Raman tells her that we will talk Tomorrow But She is Determines to Know the Name Raman shouts on her that why don’t you understand What He Said.

    Raman about to go in his Room with Ishita Simmi Creates Scene And She tells Everyone that Its Kiran Ishita’s Bhabhi She Explains how she used Raman’s name and Sent People aboard She Further Insults Ishita that Ishita Always Blamed Param and Me Now She Should Say Sorry to Param Raman Gets Furious and Leaves And Param comes Same Time.

    Ishita Apologies to Param and He Acts Like He is innocent and Says Its Okay Ishita Leaves and Ruhi is Thinking Why ishi Maa Stopping me to expose Simmi and Param.
    Roshni is thinking about Her and Adi and she is Angry from Herself that They Shouldn’t meet like this I should leave from here.

    There Aliya calls Adi to Know about his whereabout But He scolds her that why are you disturbing me She is worried what if Mani See him there he will be Furious.
    Mani comes out of Car and Beat Aditya so Hard Roshni reaches with Other People and Save Him He Threaten Aditya and Leaves.
    Ishita is worried What If they Did Wrong and Didn’t allow to Give Chance to Kiran to Say Anything Raman tells that they gave her time and Once they were Business Partner.
    Ther Lady Police try to Ask Kiran But She Stays Numb and Lady Tells her to Lock her up again.
    Raman and Ishita are worried May Be Kiran is Trapped and Forced to do this They Decide to Talk to Bala.
    Bala asks the police how Much More Time they Need Kiran asks for One Call and she allows she quickly calls on One Number and threatens someone to take her out otherwise she will reveal everything,
    Bala Gets Angry that he wants to meet His wife Police show Court Order from Arushi But Bala Gets Angry Again But Appa takes him Away.
    There Roshni comforts Aditya and her apologies But Aditya tells her its Not her mistake he tells her that this is his Mitake He always Wanted to come near her he tells that Mani Beaten Him for mistake they didn’t did and After one thing led to another and they Ended up in each other arms.
    His Phone Rings But They don’t care about that Aliya is worried for Aditya

    Bala says I will not leave them, I will call media. Appa says its no use to fight with police, we have to think how to get Kiran’s bail. Bala says I won’t go home without meeting Kiran. Ruhi says its enough now, why is Ishita scared of Parmeet, why did she make an apology to Parmeet, I have to find out, I will ask her directly. She gets Shravan’s call. He asks her to come to police station with Adi, he can handle Bala. She says relax, we are reaching there. Ruhi asks Aaliya about Adi. Aaliya says he isn’t at home. Ruhi goes and calls Adi.

    Adi is on the way. She asks him to come to police station, everyone is there, Kiran got arrested. He says I will reach soon. Raman asks someone to arrange bail for Kiran, she is their relative, its a duty to help her. He asks him to do anything and arrange bail. He tells Ishita that they have to wait till morning. She says we shall go and meet Kiran. They go out and see Mani home. Mani says nothing is okay, call Adi and ask him, just call him fast. Raman says no, he would be at home. Mani says you don’t know where is your son. They ask Aaliya. Mani says don’t ask Aaliya. Aaliya asks Mani to leave. Mani says you couldn’t handle anything, I shall leave when this matter gets solved, if this is Adi’s truth. I don’t want my daughter to stay here, he is with Roshni. Raman asks with Roshni? Mani says he is with Roshni at her house, I had a doubt and went there, that Roshni threatened to call police, you have no idea about your son’s affair.

    Amma waits for Bala at home. Parmeet comes and says its time to celebrate, its a big day for me, come, Ishita has apologized to me today. He laughs. Amma warns him. He asks where are you going, come back. She goes out and hears Mani’s voice. She goes to Bhallas house. Mani says Ishu I didn’t know you won’t be able to handle this, Aaliya is tolerating all this. Simmi says Ishita thinks she is a perfect mum, Adi would have not done this today, what values did she gave him, Adi is having an affair with Roshni, if anyone of us did this, you would have kicked us out, what will you do now.

    Raman says stop it now, we don’t know where is Adi, it doesn’t mean he has an affair, let him come and clear things. Mani says he is answerable to me and Aaliya, come with me and talk to him. Ishita says wait, we will call him here. Mani insists them to visit Roshni’s house. Bala, Ruhi, Appa and Shravan come home. Amma asks where is Kiran, say something. Ruhi says we can’t get Kiran’s bail. Shravan says we couldn’t meet Kiran. Ishita says we will try to help. Shravan asks her not to say anything, as she is responsible for this. They go. Mani asks Adi did he finally get time to come home. Adi goes home. Mani says look at him, so mannerless, he didn’t even answer. Raman asks Mani to come in and talk.

    Adi says I came in as I didn’t wish to create any drama there. Raman asks what’s the matter. Adi says stop staring at me. He asks Mani not to create an issue. He says I don’t care what Mani thinks, I will explain to just my parents, I went to meet Roshni…. They get shocked.

    PRECAP : Raman and Ishita comes to Police Station for Kiran's Bail.Inspector says someone did her bail before. Ishita says we are getting trapped in this racket, let me know that person. Lawyer refuses to help. She sees the letterhead in some file.

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